Welcome to the updated and refreshed Tourette Canada Online Forum!

Tourette Canada Online Forum is a free, safe, moderated online community where registered users can exchange ideas, information and support about issues related to Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Canada has recently changed the server and refreshed the pages so returning members will notice a brighter look. Tourette Canada welcomes back two former moderators, Janet Rumsey and Cathy Wylie, to the Forum. Their knowledge and insight will serve the Tourette Forum participants with dedication and expertise.

We would like to thank the administrators and moderators who have dedicated countless hours to build and maintain the Forum. We look forward to continuing to provide a place for individuals and families affected by Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders to get information, exchange information with others, and connect with the affiliates and support available across Canada.
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Formatting Your Message

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Formatting Your Message

    The TSFC Forum uses Bulletin Board Code (or BBC) instead of hmtl to allow you to format text in your messages.

    Since the use of BBC can cause unexpected results, please preview your formatted message before posting by simply clicking the Preview button.

    Instead of having to remember the codes, a series of default ones appear in a toolbar above the Message composition window. For the most part, you can highlight the area of text you wish to modify and click the respective icon. e.g. to bold a block of text, just highlight the required text and click the Bold icon.

    If you're comfortable typing the tags out longhand, just remember that BBC tags are enclosed by square brackets [ ] rather than the familiar chevrons < > used for html tags.

    Since we provide hyperlinks to other internet sites, hyperlinks are automatically underlined with BBcode.

    To avoid confusion, please do not underline posted text to avoid confusion when reading a post

    If you need more information on formatting or creating hyperlinks, feel free to ask by posting a reply to this message.

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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