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  • New search engine for the TSFC Forum

    I have installed a new faster and more thorough search engine to power searches for the TSFC Forum.

    For the geeks out there (like me ), it's called Sphinx | Open Source Search Server. The major advantages over the standard vBulletin search are:
    1. it's considerably faster and more through;
    2. it uses fewer resources on the server; and
    3. it is less limited by length of the search term.

    The standard search would only accommodate search terms between 4 and 20 characters, which was inconvenient to say the least on a forum like this. For example, previously if you tried to search for terms like IQ or OCD, you would be given an error message saying the search term was too short. That obviously doesn't work well for a forum where 2 and 3 letter acronyms or abbreviations are not uncommon. Try one of those searches now and you will see up to 500 results.

    There may still be a need to tweak the settings. Let me know if you come across any unusual behavior.

    Thanks and appreciation to Shawn Hogan of DigitalPoint for creating the vBulletin plug-in and for assistance in installing and configuring it here at TSFC.