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Forum for Sharing TS-related Podcasts, Books, Films, Videos, Etc.?

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  • Forum for Sharing TS-related Podcasts, Books, Films, Videos, Etc.?

    I remember that someone (probably Steve of course) at one point posted a link to an article about the young singer Jamie Grace who is very open about her TS and has made some great videos about it. I recently posted a link for a parenting podcast that had a good episode about TS. Now I want to post a link to a Radio Labs podcast about someone with TS. Also I'm always interested in seeing other people's suggestions. I think we need a specific forum for posting such links, titles and suggestions. I'm not sure what to call it. Maybe we need more than one such forum. Maybe there is already one?

    One for famous people about TS, such as Tim Howard. I don't mean there would be multiple posts about Tim Howard. I just mean that in that forum, or thread, people could add names of well-known figures with TS, such as Tim Howard and Jamie Grace.

    • One for journal articles.
    • One for articles in the general media -- newspapers and magazines.
    • One for audio and video -- such as the parenting podcast episode and the Radio Labs podcast.

    I'm not sure if this is a feature request or a help request, to understand better where I should post what. I tend to find the site somewhat overwhelming, with so many choices of individual forums, and so many stickies. I think this is mostly a personal problem on my part. On the other hand maybe it would be good (in October) to do a usability poll. At any rate, as I'm starting to think ahead, I thought I would share some thoughts and solicit feedback. (No hurry. My participation will be very irregular between now and October.)

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    Re: Forum for Sharing TS-related Podcasts, Books, Films, Videos, Etc.?

    Stories of that kind are posted in Myths, Stigma, and Raising Awareness
    TouretteLinks Forum