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New Feature: Quote Breaker

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  • New Feature: Quote Breaker

    I've just added this new Quote Breaker feature which I personally expect to find very handy...

    From MarkFL, the author:

    In the "Source Mode" editor, any open text formatting BBCodes are closed in the closed quote, and are reopened in the newly opened quote. You can add any BBCodes you wish to add to the list of tags that are supported. You are given 4 options in the product settings for "WYSIWYG Mode" support, and I highly recommend you choose the option that displays the "Quote Break" button to all users, but alerts users in "WYSIWYG Mode" to switch to "Source Mode" before using the button. I have made an attempt to support the WYSIWYG editor, but the results are inferior compared to the "Source Mode" editor.

    Suppose you have quoted a post that contains an unordered list, and you wish to address each point separately. Put your cursor after the first point you wish to address:


    Now click the "Quote Break" button, and you get:


    Now you can enter your response to this first point, and then continue with each successive point.