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New Feature: Starred Posts

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  • New Feature: Starred Posts

    Somebody, I think it was aparente001, requested a feature like this recently.

    Basically, this allows a member to create a personal list of "favorite" posts or posts you want to be able to find again for later reading or as a reference.

    Originally posted by MarkFL, coder
    This product is designed to give your users the ability to create/manage a list of starred/favorite posts so they can easily locate them in the future. Some users may have limited time when browsing your site, and wish to earmark posts to which they will want to reply later when they have more time. This product will allow them to tag these posts and easily find them later.
    Now, when you are scanning the forums, you will see a yellow star in the lower right corner of a post:


    If it's a post you want to save for later, just click on that star. You will see a brief popup confirming your selection and then a check mark will appear next to the star for that post it indicating that it has been saved in your list:


    If you decide you no longer want to save this post, just click the star again. The check mark will disappear and you will get a confirmation that the post has been removed from your list.You can also remove starred posts from your My Starred Posts page (see below).

    If it's a thread you want to keep for later, just star the first post in the thread. Or if it's a long thread and it's only one section of the thread you want to save, just star the first post where that section begins.

    Originally posted by MarkFL, coder
    Under the "Quick Links" menu, users who have permission to use the system, will find a link titled "My Starred Posts" which will take them to a custom page which displays their starred posts and allow for posts to be removed. Each post has detailed information regarding the post, with links to the forum, thread and to the post itself. There are controls that allow the user to select posts for removal from the list, and to expand the post content so they can review the entire post(s) right there and to reply to the post with a quote. Post content can be expanded/collapsed one a per post basis, or all at once. Each postbit can be collapsed as well.
    You will find the Quick Links menu in the navigation bar on any page:


    Click on that and then on My Starred Posts in the dropdown menu that opens up:


    And that will take you to your personal starred posts page:


    Minor bug: I've noticed that if you star a post and then edit it, the check mark will disappear. Don't worry though... you haven't unchecked it. Just refresh the page and you'll see the ch3eck mark reappear where it's supposed to be.

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    Re: New Feature: Starred Posts

    I love it, thanks!