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  • Another New Member!

    Hello everyone!

    I am joining TSFC because of my son, Michael, who is 11 years old was just recently diagnosed with TS. We thought it was ADHD until last summer, when it all started with facial tics which have progressed spectacularly!

    I'm going to need a lot of helpful hints on how to best help this funny, smart wonderful boy of mine. And now I understand more about TS, I realize how important it is for me to not take any of his manifestations personally. I've been doing just that and it's not a nice place to be.

    Here's hoping!

    Concerned Mom of Michael who has recently been diagnosed with TS.

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    Another New Member!


    First, welcome and thank you for joining us here on the TSFC forums! :D

    Please feel free to search through any of the threads and topics in the forums here. As you will see, we have had many discussions on various topics to TS. Even those of us who have TS are still learning new things about this disorder. But probably the best thing to use to understand and feel better about it is others!

    I hope you join us in our conversations! (or debates, as sometimes we have friendly disagreements lol

    Also, as you may read in some threads, ADHD, ADD, OCD and many other disorders can also be found with people who have TS. (TS stands for tourettes syndrome, in case it was confusing, sorry) Was your son diagnosed by a regular doctor or a specialist? i.e. neurologist, psychiatrist?

    -adam :D
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      Another New Member!

      Hi Maureen,

      Welcome to the TSFC website, we are happy that you found us.

      There is a Tourette Syndrome support group in Montreal for support resources in your community.

      Did your doctor say that it was just Tourette Syndrome? Sometimes people with TS also have ADHD at the same time among other comorbid diseases.

      Now that you have a diagnosis, how has your family been coping? How has your son Michael come to terms with his diagnosis?

      Your smart, wonderful, funny boy needs you now, more than ever. He is coming to understand that he has a genetic condition and for an 11 year old boy it is a big thing.

      It is wonderful that you are actively seeking more information about TS and its effects on your son. There is a section called Q&A for TS .

      The TSFC also has a section with articles including Nine Faces of a TS Parent and TS Myth's and Facts.

      It is really important that you don't take any of his manifestations or tics personally. He cannot stop it and by asking him to stop could make the tics worse.

      We have many discussions on various tics throughout the body in the tic parade. Please jump into any discussion that you want or start a new one.

      You are not alone and we are always here to talk to and give support to you and your family.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


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        Re: Another New Member!

        Welcome Maureen!

        It's nice to see your enthusiasm and optimism! There are plenty of people here with plenty of insights -- I definitely think you've come to the right place.


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          Another New Member!

          Hi Maureen!

          Welcome to the TSFC Forum. As others have mentioned there is support available in Montreal...the support meetings are held in St. Mary's Hospital.

          Go ahead and contact the number listed on the Affiliates link Stephanie provided to confirm the time and dates of the meetings.

          Has your son been diagnosed at the Childrens Hospital or elsewhere in Montreal?

          Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion on the Forum or start as many of your own as you wish.
          TouretteLinks Forum


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            Another New Member!

            Hi Maureen

            Just wanted to say Hi and Welcome. Like your son, my oldest was demonstrating all the symptoms of ADHD and that was what started the need for assessment... then the facial tics started and everything else fell into place. Feel free to ask anything you want on here... we are open to all topics of discussion and here 24/7.

            I hope you make this a regular place to visit.

            TSFC Homepage


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              Another New Member!

              Welcome Welcome.
              This forum helped me just accept me for me. I hope it'll help u alot too! Were here.


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                Another New Member!

                Hi Maureen,

                Welcome to the TSFC forum. Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like and join in on other topics.

                Your son is about he same age mine was when the physicians thought seriously about TS.
                The more your son understands that is alright to have TS the better his self confidence will be in the future and he will learn with your help how to respond when others don't understand.

                Look forward to your visits. Becoming a part of a local chapter will help too. Often they have events or outings that all the children can enjoy. Being around others with TS helps you better understand the complexity of the disorder and proves additional support.

                You will find a lot of support here.

                Take care


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                  Another New Member!

                  Hi Maureen! Great to have you here. :D