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    Hi there, I registered last week.

    My son has 'mild' TS (diagnosed 1 year ago), and currently 'expresses' some facial tics and head dips. He has no other issues asssociated with TS and is very active in school, is an A - B student, plays competitive hockey, has no problem speaking and even organizing large groups of kids and even parents on class and team outings, he plays guitar and is artistic.

    We noticed symptoms of TS at an early (around 3) age - although we obviouly didn't make any connections until the tics started 7 years later.

    In his early years he was obsessed with things like his socks never being 'right' his pants never being tight enough. These stopped and never returned, but he has always had a 'habit' of acting out whatever he was trying to descibe, to great length and once he started he couldn't stop until he had finished. I jokingly said to my wife at one point, "I think he has Tourettes, the way he can't stop this acting and speaking". Funny at the time, not so much now. :roll:

    His tics started around July of 2005 with his eyes rolling back, I thought he was having a siezure! Over the past year we have seen minor head dips, head turns, mouth pulling to one side, many variations of eye rolling, and the occasional arm twitches, but all have come, gone, gotten worse and diminished only to have something new.

    Today we have some pretty obvious mouth and jaw movement, and head turning along with some head dips and sniffing out loud. Throughout it all the only constant has been 2 handed sniffing of the hands, never overly obvious, but always there, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.

    At this point we ae entering what I expect will be the most difficult times as he approaches the teen years.

    So I'm looking forward to hearing from you all and sharing this journey.

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    I should also mention that in the past year his temper has gotten worse and he has outbursts and 'loses it' at times, but these only seem to happen at home or when someone puts their hands on him - such as grabbing his arms to get his attention - then he acts like he's possesed and cannot stop himself.

    He also has a sister who is 21 and a bother who is 16, neither has any TS symptoms.


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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for sharing!!

      I understand when you say your son "loses it". Rage in TS is in my family also and here is where we talk about this subject on the forum.

      It is good that he is socially active and is a great achiever at school.

      How has your other children coped with the diagnosis of your son?

      We have many discussions that we would like for you to contribute to or start a new one. Either way, we would love to hear from you.


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        Hello Chris and welcome to the Forum! We have begun talking elsewhere, but I wanted to officially welcome you here.

        Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion and I hope you find the Forum helpful.
        TouretteLinks Forum


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          Hola! :D


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            A belated welcome and I can certainly relate to your concerns.

            My son is 12 going on 13 soon and we too have gone through the melt downs and sensory issues with clothing, touching, even hugs are more gentle then average.

            Often with TS the tolerance is much shorter and some individuals have sensory issues like my son.

            Most children with TS do not have many learning concerns if any. Some have higher IQ's and are very good at one particular thing like math or sports. My son is at a 10 grade reading level though only in 7th grade but he used to lack some of the social skills we take for granted. Sometimes groups are fine for him while other times they upset him.

            The upsets are much fewer now that my son has learned to control his temper and work out his emotions. He talks more about his feelings and others around him do not put him in tough situations to deal with, especially adults since we have learned more about TS and TS+.

            We have seen tics come and go, while other stay around and more serious motor tics surface during high anxiety days or moments. These can last 24 hours or up to three to seven days depending on if the problem has been approached and handled.

            I am glad you have found us and hope you do some reading about related topics on the forum. Others experiences can help in your own situation and also helps you not feel so isolated.

            Take care