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hi, my name is aaron

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  • hi, my name is aaron

    hi, my name is aaron. i wanna meet some people and know what it's like for them to have tourette and also to know what other syndromes they might have that might or might not effect thier day-to-day life

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    hi, my name is aaron

    Hi Aaron,

    Welcome to the TSFC website, we are happy that you found us.

    There is Tourette Syndrome support groups all across Canada for support resources in your community and click Here for the address .

    Have you been diagnosis with TS? How does TS affect your day to day life? How has your family been coping? How is school going?

    We have many discussions on various tics throughout the body in the tic parade. Please jump into any discussion that you want or start a new one.

    You are not alone and we are always here to talk to and give support to you and your family.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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      nice to meet you

      hi stephanie. i'm 14 years old. i was diagnost with it at age 8 and 2 other things for 2 years before. it isn't as hard as my O.C.D. because i'm medicated pretty good for tourette. my family is reeeeeeally supportive more my mum, then my dad. but my mum teaches me alot about it since she researches it. i have an extreamly supportive family, and friends. i just need people totalk to about these things and to meet.
      thank you,


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        hi, my name is aaron

        Hi Aaron,

        Welcome to the TSFC Forum! We do have a few teens who particiapte in the Forum, and hopefully some of them will pop in soon.

        In the meantime, feel free to join in any of the discussions on the Forum of ask any questions about Tourette you may have been wondering about.

        Some of us a a bit past our teen years, but we try to be teens at heart :P :P 8)

        Hope you enjoy the Forum, Aaron!
        TouretteLinks Forum


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          hi, my name is aaron

          Hello Aaron:

          Welcome to the forum!

          My (nearly 13) son has TS+ and life can be great or tough depending on the day.

          We've been working on our Teen forum and have some great members so I hope you check it out.

          Feel free to join into any discussion and ask any questions you may have. If you need some help navigating the forum let us know.

          Take care


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            hi, my name is aaron

            HI Aaron,

            I have a 13 yr old son as well who was diagnosed with TS at the age of 10. Just recently we have dicovered signs of OCD and ADHD as well I'd love for the two of you to be able to talk to each other. Unlike you he does not have a lot of support from his peers. He has a pretty rough time at school. Others teasing him and difficulty concentrating. I will let him know that you are in this forum and are looking for other teens to talk to.


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              hi, my name is aaron

              Hi Aaron,

              I am so happy that you have a supportive family!

              When we have people who care about us, it makes our life better.

              I hope you keep posting on the forum because we need great teens like you to give us your perspective on TS.

              What are some of the good and bad things that you have to work through with TS and OCD?


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                hi, my name is aaron

                Hi Aaron

                I have 4 boys but only one who is a teen. He is 14 and has TSplus.

                Check out the youth/teen section we have some regular posters in your age group. I hope you make this a place to visit often.

                TSFC Homepage