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    My son 6 was diagnosed in sept/05 and it has been very hard our biggest problems are with the school so many things have happened,it seems to me the teachers do not want him in the classroom even some parents have told the teachers that they do not want their child near my son. I find it hard cause this is so new to me still,noone else on either side has/had tourette syndrome,leaving here in nova scotia (2 yrs) there is no chapter in Halifax so I cannot talk out my problem to people who understand. I can not have the same problems next school . We can tell when he had a bad day at school year, when he walks in the door and there are alot of them lately

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    Hi Mom2ksjnn5,

    Welcome to the TSFC website, we are happy that you found us.

    There is Tourette Syndrome support groups all across Canada but unfortunately there is no support group in your community. You can think of us as your support group and we will help you anyway we can.

    Now that you have a diagnosis, how has your family been coping?

    Here the TSFC have articles including the Nine Faces of TS Parent they are really interesting.

    You can contact the head office Here and have an inservice in your child's school. Someone from the foundation visits your child's school and talks about TS to both students and teachers.

    My son is 9 and many times we feel that the teachers do not want him in their classroom. We take it one day at a time and when he gets home we always talk his day. By giving him an opportunity to talk about his struggles with teachers and the other kids, its a big help.

    We have many discussions on various tics throughout the body in the tic parade. Please jump into any discussion that you want or start a new one.

    You are not alone and we are always here to talk to and give support to you and your family.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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      Welcome to the TSFC Forum! We are happy you found us as our members and Forum volunteer staff can help you deal with what seems to be an overwhelming situation right now.

      We can help you with information about Tourette which can help put your situation in perspective and the knowledge you gain can help develop strategies to deal with your son's diagnosis.

      There has been some effort to form a support group in Nova Scotia, but I don't know what progress they have made.

      Please call the National Office at (800) 361-3120 and ask them about what resources are currently available in Nova Scotia.

      Let us know what you find out.

      One of the resources available through the National Office for TSFC members is an in-service orientation program to acquaint educators, students and other parents about Tourette Syndrome.

      Ask about the in-service program at the National Office as well.
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        Welcome to the TSFC forum!

        I am glad you found us and rest assure you are far from being alone. What you are describing has happened to many families with TS.

        We were very fortunate to have a in service program at my son's current school and it was so successful with the students and the principal required it again during a PA day to educate the staff.

        Stephanie & Steve have provided some great contact information and they should be utilized before school is over. The teachers are required to work after the students stop attending and that would be a great time to educate them. A in service for the students could be scheduled once school begins for your child's grade and he could possibly take that afternoon off to spend with you.
        In our case we did not single my son out as having TS, only that it was important to learn about so when you meet someone with TS you know more about it and how not to respond.

        I hope you can spend some time on the forum and ask a lot of questions. The parents section of the forum have some great tips, experiences and topics you can relate too.
        The Tic Parade is a wonderful over view of many vocal and motor tics you can become more familiar with so if they by chance happen in the future you will be prepared and respond properly with ideas to make them easier.

        Have you tried discussing the TS with your child? Has the environment at school effected his self-esteem?
        These are things you can work on over the summer with him but your situation will not change until the adults involved are educated.

        My son is nearly 13 and this is the first school and even the first year that he has enjoyed and not been bullied by other students or rejected by adults teaching him.

        Please keep us posted and we will provide as much support as possible to make your transition less stressful.

        Take care,


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          Hi Mom2ksjnn5,

          I am glad you discovered our forum. I suggest you contact the TSFC office as Steve suggested because there are other moms on this forum who were able to connect with other moms in your area through partnering with the office staff.

          There is a section in the parents forum that discusses books for kids that you might find interesting as it suggests books that are good for discussing TS with your son and with kids his age.

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