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Vancouver BC doctor to recommend?

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  • Vancouver BC doctor to recommend?

    I have an almost seven year old son I suspect may have Tourette's. Are there any doctors in the Vancouver BC area who are experienced and can help make a diagnosis? He may have other attention related issues, and we are definitely not big on drugs for treatment.

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    Vancouver BC doctor to recommend?


    Welcome to the TSFC Forum. Vancouver has an active Chapter of TSFC and they are the best resource to provide you with insights into the specialists with a professional interest in Tourette.

    The contact info is HERE

    Please let us know how you make out in getting a proper diagnosis.

    Though we will not endorse or discourage the use of medications, sometimes your doctor might have treatment options that can significantly improve the quality of life of a person with Tourette and especially co-morbid conditions.

    It's true, however that some medications end up with more adverse effects than the condition being treated, the decision should be made in consultation with the physician on a benefits vs risks or inconveniences basis and whether the treatment can improve quality of life.

    May I ask what behaviours or actions of your son make you think it may be Tourette?
    TouretteLinks Forum


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      Vancouver BC doctor to recommend?

      Hi Sue,

      Welcome to the TSFC Forum, we are glad that you have joined us.

      How long have you suspected that your son might have TS?

      How is school going for your son?

      Does he have problems with socialization with his friends?

      We have many discussions on various tics or you can start a discussion of your own.

      Let us know how we can help support you and your family.


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        Vancouver BC doctor to recommend?

        thank you for the replies.

        My son is a bright, funny little guy, who has what one might call a "bad "temper. a couple of years ago he had a wierd eye movement that we investigated for such things as lazy eye etc. The eye thing went away when we found out a kid was picking on my son at school. Now he has developed this thing where he inhales making a swoosh noise, and sort of hums in exhaling, not all the time, and it is really bad when he watches TV or seems excited about something.

        He is very social, and seems to have alot of friends and gets along well with them, which is great. Although, this week he was playing with a little kid who told him to stop making the noise because it was driving him crazy. He is apparently a bit of a clown at school, and likes to make people laugh. He also has trouble paying attention in school, seems to have some short term memory issues (kind of overload) and does not do well in resolving problems asked orally with no visual support. The teacher says he has alot of trouble with some things, and then can amaze her with his focus in something that interests him. When I talked to him about this, he told me he would pay attention more if she talked less!
        Anyway, hope to get him some help because I think the school is not helping him and I really don't want him to start feeling bad about himself.


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          Vancouver BC doctor to recommend?

          Hi Sue,

          What grade is your son going to in September? How long has the school not been helping? You could call the head office of the TSFC and have an in-service for your son's school in September.

          An in-service is when a person comes into your son's school and talks about TS to the teachers and students. Here is the contact information for the head office.

          We want him to feel really good about himself also. Let us know how we can help.


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            Vancouver BC doctor to recommend?

            Hi Sue,

            I just PM'd you a few contacts for doctors in Vancouver.

            Michelle Collins
            Member Services Coordinator, TSFC