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  • Just woundering

    I am new to the site am 16 and I have at ts seens I was 4 so not many friends have stuck around and school ok but if anyone seems to want to chat that has an idea on what I am gointh throw that be nice!

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    Just woundering

    Hi Sportychik,

    Welcome to the TSFC forum, we are happy to meet you.

    We have support groups for TS all across Canada and to find support resources in your community click Here .

    We have definition of What is TS which might help in understanding more about your TS.

    So you have lived 12 years with your diagnosis! Tell us about your TS, do you have many tics? How has TS affected your life?

    I would love to chat with you and tell us more about your TS.

    We are here to listen and to support you and your family.

    Let us know how we can help.


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      I have a twich some times it could be just my leg or my neck and my head or a cople body parts at ones it is kinda hard to explain is kind like I would be really cold and it could be bad and last throwe the hole day or it can be when Im nervos or when I think about it but I can not go probly 30 sec with out doing it.Also I do not make eye contact that much.It has made me a better person but boys see it as something to make fun of also it hard in skool to write sometimes it gets so bad writting is in possible not really any ups sides to it! :?


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        Just woundering

        Hi and welcome to the Forum. You may want to check out our teen section. Hope you make this a place to visit often.

        TSFC Homepage


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          Just woundering


          The Tourette Syndrome Association has several local Chapters in Florida where you can call and participate in a meeting to meet others with Tourette. They are very active and always welcome new members.

          Here's how to contact the Florida Chapter:

          Florida Chapter 727-418-0240

          They can direct you to the local group in your part of Florida.
          TouretteLinks Forum


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            Just woundering

            Hi and welcome!

            Steve provided great contact information to find a local TS chapter in your area.

            It helps to have others to talk too that have experienced the same things. The local chapters also tend to have group programs each month so you can get out among friends.

            You may be surprised but often teens either tell others about their TS at school or just keep it to themselves. This could mean that there are others possibly in your own community or even school that have TS too you never met.

            Check it out and let us know what you find.

            Motor tics can be a real pain sometimes and get different responses from different people.
            If school seems a bit rough it might be a good idea to ask a local chapter to provide a in service program from other students in your school to help make the TS not such a big deal.

            Spelling and writing can be a problem for some. My son uses a computer for this reason as the words flow easier and it is neat. When he has to write everything out it just becomes to much when he uses paper.

            Maybe a laptop would help you.

            Please keep us posted and feel free to join in other topics.


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              Just woundering

              Hey Sporty,
              Im here :D You can always drop me a PM or something.
              Thats what we are here 4.