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sister has ts+ need help

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  • sister has ts+ need help

    hi im the son of jams and my 11 year old sister has ts+.i need help trying to cope with this and to help her get thruogh life so plz send bak asap. thx steve

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    Re: sister has ts+

    Welcome Steve,

    Your sister is lucky to have a brother who cares about her like you do.

    In what way do you need the most information and help for your sister? You know, Tourette is a disorder that we have for life, though in some people some of parts of the disorder improve...but not always.

    That doesn't mean your sister has any limitations in what she can achieve in life, because Tourette has no effect on a person's intelligence, their personality or their creativity.

    Let us know what information we can provide for you.
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      Re: sister has ts+ need help

      hmm one thing I can say right off the bat is to ignore her tics and I don't know try meditation or something try getting her to occupy herself that way she won't tic as much


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        Re: sister has ts+

        I would try to educate the people at her school on TS+ that is the best thing you can do


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          Re: sister has ts+ need help

          thx guys i kinda need ideas to not freak on people about it and just tell them how they can help her to get this sudden anger past her and to help her get thruogh her tics. i think if me and jessi work together we can get rid of the tics.

          thx steve.


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            Re: sister has ts+ need help


            You have to understand that Tourette Syndrome is an involuntary disorder that is caused by an error in the way the brain is wired. This means there is no cure for Tourette Syndrome, and the person with Tourette cannot just stop the tics on demand.

            It would be the same as asking you to not blink your eyes all day, or when you need to sneeze, to ask you not to sneeze.

            The person with Tourette can sometimes suppress or hold back a tic, but eventually the tic has to come out.

            It would not be in your sister's best interests to put pressure on her with the expectation she can get rid of the tics. By placing that kind of pressure on her, she will become more anxious and stressed which will result in more tics.

            The way to help a person with Tourette is to accept the fact the person has tics and whatever else their Tourette produces and to help them integrate into the family and into the community.

            There is no disgrace in having Tourette just like there is no disgrace in having diabetes or multiple sclerosis...and like people with other disorders, they need support and understanding to be able to adapt what they have in making a good life for themselves.
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              Re: sister has ts+ need help

              Hi Steve,

              Welcome to the TSFC Forum and it is nice to meet you.

              i kinda need ideas to not freak on people about it
              Most people have very little knowledge about medical problems until it strikes a person in their family. When strangers mention your sister's tics, you could look at it as an opportunity to educate them about TS.

              Most people are very understanding with a little bit of knowledge and you could simple say to someone that my sister has Tourette Syndrome and she makes these movements and she can't help it.

              If you and Jessi work together to create awareness, you make a difference in both of your lives.


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                Re: sister has ts+ need help

                Hi Steve

                Being a sibling of a person with TS can be very stressful. Your sister is lucky to have you and that you are so willing to help her through this. As Steve said, TS is not going away so the idea of getting rid of the tics is an untrealistic expectation that will result in you feeling disappointed or defeated. Just like any diagnosis you go through the grieving process and eventually you have to accept the reality. To eductae her peers and people in your area needs to be your first goal. Acceptance of her behaviors and as Steve said" whatever else the Tourette produces" is what you need to focus on. Good luck and let us know how we can support you.

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                  Re: sister has ts+ need help


                  You've made the first step by joining the forum and your support will mean so much to your sister.

                  Acceptance and understanding are the key tools to make life better.

                  My own son experienced frustrations and anger between the ages of 10 - 12. Some of this was caused by his system just trying to grow up and the other was due to fighting the TS+.

                  Ignore the vocal tics and reduce stress by understanding and talking about feelings.
                  The main feeling you can experience at first is isolation, the fact that you believe it is only happening to you.
                  This feeling goes away once you better understand the condition and meet others like you.

                  A in-service program at school is a great start if she is having problems at school getting others to relate to her.

                  The actual "tics" never really go away but can decrease with less stress in some people. They can also change, we call this waxing and wanning. There tends to be one or two that just stick around whiles others come and go. Everyone is different yet there are comparisons we can all relate too.

                  Do some reading on the site and go to the tic parade section. There are examples, experiences and ideas that work for others to manage the tics.

                  You will find the anger topic in the parents section. This can improve with maturity and understanding.

                  Ask questions and I look forward to your posts.

                  Take care