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Young adult son with possible TS

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  • Young adult son with possible TS

    Hi there! I just found this site as well, but I am the mother of a 24 year old who was diagnosed with bipolar 4 years ago, but seems to have many of the behaviors common to TS, ADD as well as Aspergers Sundrome and depression. It's challenging for him to maintain eye contact and interact in social situations, preferring to be very quiet much of the time. When either tired, over stressed, over excited, agitated etc., he presents motor and vocal behaviors which can be quite perplexing and concerning. It seemed that so many of his social skills have regressed since he turned 18, though he could have been described as having ADHD and social anxiety when younger. He appears to have some TS behavious, such as: rapid eye blinking, odd facial grimaces, muscle flexing, vocal chants, hissing sounds, and statements that come across as inappropriate. He seems less inhibited and is less socially aware or conscious about how he looks or comes across. I don't think that he is even aware of some of these behaviours, or am I being naive? I will be meeting with our family doctor this week along with another younger son, because of our mutual concern. This assessment process (which my older son has agreed to) could be very difficult for him....and yet without intervention and support, he is losing his ability to maintain his already minimal social contacts and his career (he recently moved back to our family home). He has two years of university and three years of college. While he can be wonderful in many ways, it feels like he is about to lose sooo much if some assistance isn't available. At the same time, since he is an adult, I am needing to respect his rights and needs. It becomes a dilemma and a fine line to walk. Any suggestions would be welcome as I flounder in my attempts to assist him. :-[

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    Re: Young adult son with possible TS


    I am glad you found this forum and it sounds like you have taken the first steps to finding the answers you and your family need.
    Has your son been assessed since his last diagnosis of Bipolar? Is he taking medication and if so has it been monitored over the past 4 years?

    Hopefully through a process he can be reevaluated to provide some direction and his willingness to start this process is a good first step.

    I have learned that it does help to keep a journal. This topic is listed in the parent section and provides a wealth of information to be reviewed by the Doctor.
    In our case I copy the pages in advance when meeting someone new and make sure they have a copy before I leave. It is hard to get all your concerns out on the table in such a short time. The forms they have you fill out just don't seem to have enough lines to express your concerns. It has helped raise an obvious pattern we never really noticed and helped in my son's medical care.

    Providing a home for him to settle into while going through the process is a loving gift you have provided and could be difficult for his younger sibling without an open dialog to provide support for them too. Change is always hard even without medical concerns. It sounds like the family is united to resolve your concerns.

    Please keep us posted on your progress and be assured you are not alone in your quest.