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    I am new here and I've spent most of my time reading over so much of the information posted here. I must say that I'm so relieved to find a place with so much information, options, ideas and treatments.

    My son is 10 and has been diagnosed with TS+. Currently, we are looking into changing his diet. We are removing sugar and yeast from his diet after reading many articles and sites that have stated that this has helped.

    I am wondering if anyone here has followed the same diet plan and if they have what were the results, and was there a diet plan they followed, if so could they please share it

    I am sure like many parents of a child with TS, I have found myself feeling frustrated and helpless in helping my child. Every turn I take, it seems that I'm either being blamed for his condition rather than helped in helping him.

    School is starting soon, and all I want is for him to have the same chance at succeeding as his twin brother (no tourettes at all) does.

    If anyone can suggest any help, especially dietary I would so greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Another Newbie


    Welcome to the TSFC Forum and thank you for introducing yourself.

    How long ago was your son diagnosed and has your son's physician offered any options to treat your son?

    Specifically what aspects of your son's Tourette Plus does he need help with?
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      Re: Another Newbie


      Welcome the the TSFC forum and I am glad you found us.

      Your local TS Chapter can help you reach someone to prepare an in-service program that will answer questions for both students and staff. There are also tapes & books available on this site and educational packages that could help.

      In connection to the diet and sugar we are a good example of changing ways and in our case it has made a big difference in aggression. I simply cut out all the refined sugars and replaced them with natural sugars like honey & real maple syrup.

      We have not removed yeast from my son's diet as breads are a staple for him. We have also reduced milk to 2% and limited the amount each day. In our case we noticed drastic personality changes when he drank most of what we had in the frig.

      We were focused mostly on the + part of his TS.

      This subject is under treatments and there are others that have made changes with some success.

      I would recommend discussing your concerns with your physician and a certified dietitian to assure your son has the nutrients he will need for proper development and possibly reduce withdrawals from sugars which could change his temperament during the process (by our own experience). Most community Universities have wonderful programs for families and the general public that are affordable. See what is available in your area by asking your specialist or family Doctor.

      This option worked for us.

      Please keep us posted on your progress and findings.



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        Re: Another Newbie

        Sazamy welcome to the Forum.

        The blame game comes from people who just don't know anything about Tourette syndrome. This is why awareness is so important. Have you tried to contact the affiliate in your area yet? We have many great volunteers who are willing to go into the schools and offer their assistance.

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          Re: Another Newbie

          Hi Sazamy!

          Just wondering how school is going for your son. The start of a new school year is always challenging and by this time the children seem to be settling in.

          Also how have you found eliminating the sugar and yeast from his diet? Has it been of any help?