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  • hey everyone

    found this site when i was looking up info on ts. i've never been diagnosed, but i'm pretty sure it's what i have. when i was a kid, before i can even remember, i had a constant eye twitch. then it moved down to my shoulder, and i would put my head on my shoulder when i got even slightly nervous or uncomfortable. then i couldn't stop clearing my throat for about a year (needless to say, it drove my family nuts!) but it seems better now. when i get nervous, like when i have to do an oral for school, i still get an eye twitch, and i always have to sniff a certain way, but it's definately better. well, this looks like a very interesting site, and you can bet i'll be posting some more messages!

    (btw, if you're wondering why i spelled Juliette the way i did, it's because i live in quebec)

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    Re: hey everyone

    Welcome, bienvenue... to the TSFC Forum, Juliette! Glad you found us and we always enjoy making new friends, so feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start as many as you would like.

    Many people who have eventually been diagnosed with Tourette have suspected they haad Tourette from research and iformation they receive as adults, because it was never recognized as Tourette while they were younger.

    Now that you have more information, you may wish to consult a physician who has clinical experience with Tourette to confirm the diagnosis. This would give you peace of mind, as well as rule out any other possible condition.

    Have you been in contact with a local Tourette support group? Look Here

    always have to sniff a certain way, but it's definately better
    A characteristic of Tourette is that tics come and go over time, so if the sniffing is less now than it was before would not be unusual for someone with Tourette.

    if you're wondering why i spelled Juliette the way i did, it's because i live in quebec
    I didn't know there was any other way to spell Juliette

    Hope you find the Forum helpful and informative.
    TouretteLinks Forum


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      Re: hey everyone

      Hi Juliette,

      I'm new here too.

      l'm currently seeking answers for my son.
      look forward to reading your post's.

      Adele ;)


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        Re: hey everyone

        Hi and welcome - I am fairly new here to but not so new to TS.

        Cheers Jaxx (New Zealand)


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          Re: hey everyone


          Welcome to the TSFC forum!

          I am glad you found us. Look forward to your visits.

          If we may be of any assistance navigating through the site please let us know.

          Take care.


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            Re: hey everyone

            Hi Julliette

            glad you discovered us and hope you visit us often and remember we are willing to listen all the time and everyone here is willing to share their stories

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