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  • Introducing myself

    Hi there, I have posted a couple of questions and I realized I havent introduced myself. I am Jacksmom . It has been a journey of about 4 to 5 years. Most of it very difficult and hard on our family unit . Jack was diagnosed with tourettes last spring.Out of sheer desperation we finally tried medicine. We tried concerta,and strattera , which made Jacks twitchs an tics really horrible . It broke my heart. Then we tried risperdal( even though I had great concerns) this worked great till about three weeks ago when his tics became severe again. It seems meds make his movements much worse. Now we are trying clonidine. It was a very hard decision to use medicine.For Jack his behaviour and social problems were the biggest concern. Also as a family we were all struggling to cope. It has been very difficult on my older daughter as a lot of his rage was directed at her. It is hard to make a 13 year old understand he is not doing things on purpose!It has also been a huge strain on our marriage, as every single family event or moment has had fighting and bartering with Jack(and then everyone gets going!). Last year we became involved with child and youth mental health(here where we live)We also now are seeing a child psych. This has helped a lot to finally have support.I also have the school on board and they have been very supportive.But what a hard long road.I feel I have aged !It is sooo hard to see my son struggle socially,he so wants to have friends and fit it but he is sometimes a very difficult person to get along with. I so hope with maturity some of his behaviours will lesson. I am very grateful to have found this forum, as I believe information is power and also only you people truly know how hard it can be. Thanks jacksmom

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    Re: Introducing myself

    Thank you for the introduction Jacksmom. Hope you find the TSFC Forum helpful and that you will make the Forum a regular part of your online activites.

    Regular members who stay with our online community are most appreciated, because your own experiences are a valuable aid to new members.

    Feel free to ask all your questions here and count on us for support.

    Let us know how we can be of further help.
    TouretteLinks Forum


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      Re: Introducing myself

      I am glad you found us and it is good to see you visiting.

      I hope you can make the forum a part of your support unit and know we all share similar struggles and experiences with our children. This forum provides a great place to find some answers that can work and bounce topics and ideas around for open discussion.

      Look forward to you joining in.

      On the note of socialization I do relate and in time with more self esteem or assurance and a little maturity Jack will build real friendships.
      I have to sit back and watch and give my son the space to explore this on his own. In time after he is comfortable he tells me all about someone but until then the school and I keep an open line of communication.


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        Re: Introducing myself

        hi I am on risperdal it seems to work for me