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  • Hey, I'm new to the forum

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Jessi, I just came across this site about a month ago and have been reading a lot of the posts on here, happily finding just how nice and helpful everyone is Anyway, I'm 20 years old and going to university right now. Just recently I came to the hard realisation that I probably have Tourette's Syndrome. For years the possibility has crossed my mind but I either did not think further on it or was (most likely) in some pretty bad denial. The first time I found out about Tourette's Syndrome, it was through somebody making fun of another person who had it, and still I didn't fully understand what it was. The only thing I knew was that it made you very twitchy and swear a lot (which obviously is a huge misconception and something I should have realised at the time).

    However, after reading a lot of the posts on here, I find myself thinking "I do that ALL the time!" I could fill novels full of the strange things I do. I remember back when I was really young, and my family and I would all be watching television, and I would often make little humming noises, or cough, or clear my throat because I felt I *had* to do it. And often I would get in a lot of trouble with my parents because they thought I was just being annoying. They would tell me it's just "Jessi's habits" - the stuff that Jessi just does. Later on as I got into my teen years I started squinting, and blinking my eyes really hard (although now it's mostly my left eye that I squeeze shut), then the throat noises came, along with the shrugging and tightening muscles. Worse when I'm stressed. I'm left in quite a bit of pain! And it's not just facial, it's all over ... kind of ridiculous and I always wonder how silly I must look to other people. The funny thing is that I've had these tics for so long ... and yet, no one would ever say anything. This isn?t to say that I don?t have total control because often I probably just come off as a bit twitchy and can suppress the noticeable tics. Maybe one person I know has asked but no one else. I mean, I know it has to be uncomfortable to ask or maybe even seems rude but that leads me to wonder ... are they just humouring me? All these things completely change my self image.

    Anyway ... this post is a lot longer than I thought it would be! I apologise for that but writing this all down so that it?s in stone, I suppose really helps. I look forward to being apart of this forum, so thank you to whoever it was that ceated it
    Fui bailar no meu batel,
    Al?m no mar cruel.
    E o mar bramindo.
    Diz que eu fui roubar, a luz sem par.
    Do teu olhar t?o lindo.
    Vem saber se o mar ter? raz?o.
    Vem c? ver bailar meu cora??o.
    Se eu bailar no meu batel.
    N?o vou ao mar cruel, e nem lhe digo aonde eu fui cantar.
    Sorrir, bailar, viver, sonhar ... contigo

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    Re: Hey, I'm new to the forum

    Welcome to the forum Jessi. I am happy to hear you are finding the site useful.

    Are you planning on talking to a doctor about your symptoms to get a confirmation of the diagnosis of Tourette?
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      Re: Hey, I'm new to the forum


      Welcome to the TSFC forum!

      I'm glad you found us and interesting point you made.

      Often if someone understands TS they don't ask, they just think or know. Others ask out of not knowing about TS and usually when asked tics increase for some since the anxiety level elevates with confrontation.

      Having TS in today's society is not as unheard of as in years past and as time passes people expand their knowledge about TS and just find it matter of fact.

      I am sure you can pick up on body language and determine if your tics are creating questions not asked. Depending on how comfortable you are you can respond the way you like.

      Have you talked to your Doctor about your concern?

      Printing some of the information about tics and TS helps narrow it down when speaking to your Doctor and recording examples you have lived with over the years. Some physicians are still in the learning stages too about TS so they may not be focused on the condition to even consider it applies.

      I hope you find the forum helpful and I hope you keep us posted on your quest for answers.

      Take care.


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        Re: Hey, I'm new to the forum

        Welcome to the Forum, Jessi! Your comments remind me of when our son was first diagnosed. Another boy at school (Gr. 4) had been taunting him and saying our son had Tourette Syndrome. Then, our son happened to come into the room when we were watching a movie and started squeaking every few seconds. When I told him to please stop, he said he couldn't and ran out of the room crying. I had no idea what was going on but I started searching the internet and suddenly everything was pointing toward TS. We then went to our GP and a paediatrician and got a diagnosis of TS (plus a few other things!). The boy at school had been right! He had been screened for TS himself when he was in Gr. 1. When you live with someone, everything starts to seem "normal", even the annoying things, but somewhere in the back of your brain, you realize there's something a little "off". Often, it's a relief to get a diagnosis and know that others have experienced some of the same things and that there's a name to it--and a whole community to tap into. That's the big plus to TS: the people you meet are terrific! They don't judge people on externals and most of us have given up on ever fitting into the "normal box", which is refreshing! The conferences are so encouraging and so is the Forum. It's one big family--that actually understands when many of your own biological family don't. Let us know how it goes with the doctor! If you've read a lot of posts, you know that the TSFC definitely takes an active role in education for the medical and teaching professions, as well as families affected by TS.


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          Re: Hey, I'm new to the forum

          Welcome to the forum Jessi!