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  • Hello from NB

    Hello. I am a mother of four teenagers; the third boy has TS with ADD. Our oldest daughter has just been diagnosed with ADD; our youngest has a mild learning disability. They're all very loud, energetic kids with great potential. Life is never dull!

    TS comes from my husband's side - his nephew has been diagnosed with it and we can see evidence of it elsewhere.
    Although we have been living with these conditions for many years, there are times when it would be good to get some thoughts from others living with the same thing. So hello, and I look forward to messaging with you.

    Also, if there is a support group or some sort of help for parents and/or teens with TS in my area, I would love to hear about it.

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    Re: Hello from NB

    Welcome - I have an 11 year old boy with TS, OCD, ADHD.......

    That's what I like about forums it is a great place to vent, learn etc... and to know people understand what you are going through.


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      Re: Hello from NB

      Hi Nanmor:

      Welcome to the TSFC Forum.

      We have a listing of the TSFC chapters, affiliates, and contacts on our contact page. If there isn't a listing in your area, try calling our National office at 1-800-361-3120. They may be able to direct you to someone in your area.
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        Re: Hello from NB

        WelcomE to the forum Nanmor!


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          Re: Hello from NB

          Hi Nanmor

          Welcome to our forum and I am glad you discovered us. I too have 4 children but only one of them is a teen. My two older boys have TS plus ADHD and OCD and my two youngest are in the process of assessment.

          I look forward to your continued participation.

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