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  • Axle

    Hello Im new here. Recently diagnosed at age 56. My nueroligist told me I was misdiagnosed as young boy many years ago. MY tics seemed to have returned big time again. Am having a hard time right now but hanging in. Am glad I found this foram as I see I am not alone.

    Regards Jim.

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    Re: Axle

    Welcome to the forum Jim! I am glad you have found us.

    There are several adults with TS here that post regularly. I am sure you will find them a great source of support.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.


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      Re: Axle

      Hi Jim,

      Like you I was diagnosed very lte in life as well. You are most certainly not alone and in our age group there are surprisingly a large number of people not diagnosed.

      Has your family and circle of friends been supportive?

      Do you know if there is a local Tourette support organization in your area?

      Glad you found our Forum and we'll be looking forward to learning more about your experiences.

      Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start as many of your own as you wish.

      Hope you find the Forum helpful!

      Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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        Re: Axle

        Welcome Jim

        There are many adults who participate here who were diagnosed late in life.
        years ago there was such little awareness of TS that it was believed it was a rare disorder so many of our families and our doctors did not know.

        What was your diagnosis as a child?

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          Re: Axle

          Welcome to the forum Jim, I'm glad you found us.

          This forum will provide support and experiences you can relate too. I hope you have found a local chapter in your area to participate in. Having local connections can help and often they have planned outings or events you can enjoy.
          Please navigate around the forum and join in on topics of interest and start your own.
          If you need any assistance navigating the site just let us know.

          Take care