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  • kthy needs help

    i am a 42 year old female. i believe i had tourettes when younger, and that i continue to have tics. one that involves the trunk, as well as facial tightening and constant clearing of the throat and sinus. i have always smelled my food before eating and find these symptoms difficult to control for long periods of time. i am able to control to some extent, but then when the urge comes i am unable to stop these 'tics' when i was a kid, i spent years blinking my eye rapidly and also had funny little high pitched noises that i could not control. to make matters worse, i was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder about 20 years ago, and take medication for this. the 'tics' continue. help, what is going on?

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    Re: kthy needs help

    Hi Kthy:

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum.

    You say that you believe you had Tourette's when you were younger. Did you ever get a diagnosis? The tics you are experiencing now may be from Tourette Syndrome, but there are other causes for tics as well.

    Many people with Tourette find that their tics subside or even go away by the time they reach adulthood, however, some people experience symptoms throughout their life.

    You should talk with your doctor and give him/her the history of your tics and the other behaviours you describe. Did the tics subside when you were a teenager or young adult and have now returned? Could the tics be related to the medication you are on? If your doctor is not familiar with Tourette Syndrome and other tic disorders, ask for a referral to a specialist who has experience with Tourette.
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      Re: kthy needs help

      I agree - it would be good to see a doctor about this, especially if you're taking other medications. It's always important for doctors to get the full picture.