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    My name is Sherri. I am the mother of a 7 year old boy recently diagnosed with Tourette plus. I' m fairly frustrated with the snails pace of aid to come forth through the Quebec medical system. Does anyone have any advice on how to get into the Montreal Children's Hospital quickly? Is anyone familiar with the drug Strattera? My family practitioner suggests this medication but would like me to wait to see a pediatric psychiatrist at the aforementioned hospital(which has a waiting list of approximately 1 year or more). This drug is also not covered by Quebec medicare unless Ritalin has been tried first - which my doctor refuses to prescribe due to the stimulant status. I am also afraid of possible adverse reactions to these meds. Can anybody offer any advice?

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    Re: Intro

    Hi Sherri,

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum. The Mtl Childrens Hospital dept of Neurology is grossly understaffed and there is only one possibly two physicians seeing children for Tourette.

    How long is your waiting period?

    I don't have first hand information on Strattera, but others on the Forum do, so I'll defer to them to answer your question.

    Have you been in contact with the English TSFC support in Montreal?

    Chapter Info Here

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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      Re: Intro

      Welcome Sherri! You have come to the right place for support and information. Please browse through the forums or use the search feature if there is any specific information you are after at this time.

      I am sorry I am unfamiliar with Quebec and the drugs you have mentioned but I am sure there are others here who will soon jump in to assist you.

      I am glad you found us.
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        Re: Intro

        My name is Linda and I have a 9 year old nephew who has Tourette, OCD and ADHD. He has been on Ritalin, Strattera, and a few other meds to no avail. He is presently taking 50 mg of Setraline a day which has him calmer but does not help with his tourette. It is school and friends that are the main problem but being a child, kids can be mean to other kids. We do find swimming seems to relax him somewhat as well as music. He has been to psychologists and other docs and is presently under the care of a child neurologist. We only want to see him to grow up to be a respectable young man but some days are harder than others. When he was on the strattera , we found that his twitching was really wild. However, we know other kids taking this medication with a fine result. Good luck to you with it and my nephew too waited a year to see a specialist. We are in New Brunswick. He started on 10 mg of it and was slowly increased but since we noticed his twitching got worse , the medication was stopped. He was then put on Pemazine ( which did work ) and Respirtall. Hope this is of some help to you.


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          Re: Intro

          My son, 10, was on Strattera for a short period of time. Although it did help with his anxiety once we upped the dose the Strattera started aggrivating his tics as well and did absolutely nothing for the ADHD. He has Tourettes, ADHD, ODD, OCD and anxiety. We are currently seeing a neurologist and right now he's on Concerta and Clonidine. His ADHD is so severe that we had to go the stimulant route so unfortunately the Clonidine is taken to calm the tics. It does a pretty good job, his tics now are fairly mild.


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            Re: Intro

            welcome Sherri

            My daughter was just put on Strattera as a replacement for Concerta because concerta suppressed her appetite too much. So all I know about it is that it is suppose to work for ADHD. As for waiting.... I'm in Ontario and I find the same thing... wait wait wait.

            Anyway I hope you enjoy this group as much as I do. There is a fountain of info here.


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              Re: Intro

              Hi Sherri

              My son who has Tourette Syndrome/ADHD has been on Strattera for about 9 months. He has had a great school year. This was our only reason for putting him on meds. The side effects have been minimal. He was not able to go up to the dose prescribed, it seemed to be too much for his size so we have kept him on the same dosage for about 8 months. It has been successful so far in our circumstance. I hope this helps.


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                Re: Intro

                Hi Sherri,
                Don't know if you are still looking for info on this subject. We have just started Strattera with my 9 yr old son. It has not been a week yet and we are seeing high anxiety, rage and sadness. He has not been in school all week, because the mood swings have been so bad, so we don't know if the ADD component is working. As for the price, yes, very expensive! My work plan covers it, but 5wks worth was $277. I am in Nova Scotia and the wait times for treatment are no better, so hang in there! We all deserve a medal just for having patience with the health care system...


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                  Re: Intro

                  Hi Isaiah's Mom,

                  I'm sorry it's taken so long - you probably don't even remember writing me (May 2007) - my computer has been out of commision.

                  We have put our son on Strattera(not covered in Quebec) and it seems to be helping - though not nearly enough. We had tried Ritalyn originally, which was an incredible disaster (almost psycotic episodes). Are you still trying the Strattera? I would be interested in comparing notes. We are not having much success academically this year but the social aspect seems to be a little better.

                  Hope things are going well for you and your family.



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                    Re: Intro

                    Hi Sherri:
                    Yes, My son is still taking Strattera. This June/08 will be one year. I haven't decided what to do after that point. Whether we should continue or not. He has been doing well and is also on Prozac 30 mg and 20 mg of Strattera. The combination has been very good for my thus far. He does suffer from depression as well as the other issues. I suspect of course, that is a result of the other issues. Unfortunatley, having to deal with those issues is hard enough for us adults, let alone a child. As for school and the successes there? There are good times and not so good times. He is getting by. He still discusses the fact that he would like to be home schooled or attend private school. I just don't have the several thousands of dollars that it takes to provide that help. The thing with the school is that I am very involved in his planning etc. I make myself well known at the school with EVERYONE involved in his care during the day. I have learned that I don't care if ppl thing I'm a witch or whatnot. What matters is my son's education. I meet frequently to discuss progress and tweak things. I stay involved thru email too. As the parent, you must advocate for your son. Don't take NO for an answer and fight with all you have. The medication helps, but we have to be the other 1/2 of that equation. Good luck on your end with the education system in Quebec. I'm not sure what it's like. Here in NS, I just make a nuisance of myself... haha.