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  • HELLO!.....again.....

    Wow has it been a long time! Hi everybody! I hope I havent been gone too long, but I may have been forgotten! lol

    First off, I want to say that Im so happy to see this forum not only still going but growing stronger and allowing people to become aware of this disorder. And although it may seem tough to deal with, its not the end of the world. Just a "test of character"

    Anyways, for those that remember me, I want to say hello again and give an update/exscuse to my last year and a half, and to why I was never on.
    To those that dont know me, my name is adam (as oppose to my "call sign" on here: Adam, see the difference! lol) and I was diagnosed with TS when I was 6 years old. I have had the luxury of knowing this my whole life so at least I have had an idea of my "un-voluntary" twitches and the many mental tics and other fun goings that tag along with TS! I had originally been put on clonidine (I think I always spell that wrong) when I was 7 and than added Orap/pemizide when I was 13. I decided at the age of 17, with the help and approval of my neurologist, that I was going to stop on my medication and try a more "natural" approach to my treatment, but with the idea that if it got bad, my meds were "just a phone call away". And so I went my merry ways day to day with dealing with TS, have good days and than bad days. Sometimes I try to hide my TS, sometimes I showed it with no fear at all, and even sometimes used it as an exscuse for poor play at a sport, although that could be done without my TS! (shhhh, dont tell anymore). And than I had a life experience on sept 5, 2005, when I experienced a ruptured aneurysm at the age of 21. I survived (obviously), and right now, thats as much as I will delve into that night. And so now Im here, add to the community of TS with some questions here and there, and the random joke comment from time to time that, trust me, wont be that funny, so dont worry, Im not quitting my day job, which happens to be a comedian! lol, j/k. Anyways....

    Well, anyways, I wanted to say I do apologize for not being on. If you remember(to those who do), I had a ruptured anuerysm in sept of 2005. But mainly over the past year and a half, Ive been dealing off and on with anxiety from the whole experience. Also, I have been trying to find ways to calm my anxiety without always the need of medicine, although the meds have done more than expected. But I wanna try to control the small little anxiety attacks I get on my own, and let the meds help with the big ones. And I can say I have gotten very good at this.
    I have to credit alot of the sucess of this due to my tourettes and how I used to try to calm my TS on my own. I believe (my opinion, not fact) is that best medication for TS is finding a way to calm your mind and emotions. This may be easier said than done, and I do strongly believe that medication can do very much good in many situations, so Im not against meds. But every person is different and so are the treatments they need.

    So anyways, that has been what I have been dealing with mainly (along with finishing and graduating college, moving into a new place on my own, and other daily life stress! lol). And now I am trying to check back in to the TSFC forum to see whats new in the world of TS!
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    The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............

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    Re: HELLO!.....again.....

    How wonderful it is to hear that you are well and that you have taken the time to say hello.

    Your presence has indeed been missed but what is most important is to know you are well following that terrible aneurism.

    No apology ever needed here, because we all have things that need to be taken by priority.

    Feel free to jump into any ongoing discussion, Adam as you insights have always been most valuable.

    Welcome Back!!!

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      Re: HELLO!.....again.....

      Welcome back Adam!

      I too am glad you are well. I remember your posting about 6 months ago regarding your anxiety following your ordeal and am very pleased to hear that you have found a way to get a better handle on that.

      Great news!

      Are there any specific techniques that you use in order to get your mind and/or body to relax?


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        Re: HELLO!.....again.....

        Steve & mom2TSguy,

        Thank you for the welcome! Im glad to be back!


        That is a good question. I guess I should first state that any time I have a really bad anxiety atack, the only things that work are my meds and time. Otherwise, Im still searching for answers on it. But for the smaller anxiety attacks, the ones that might be more managable, than I have a few tricks, but they work for me. Some of these you may need to "taylor" into your own situation for them to work.

        First things first, whether you are dealing with a general anxiety attack (anxiety at random for any reason), a specific situational anxiety attack (anxiety brought on by a past experience or a specific issue) or TS, they all seem to have one thing in common. They form and originate from a mental complication and can/may be shown through a physical action.

        When I started trying to "naturally" calm my tourettes, I first literally started to study myself. I focused on myself and my twitches when I was in a calm stae as opposed to an excited state. I compared the two and went through what physical and mental actions were different from each. I also would study how my habits were when I was in certain situations with specific "backgrounds" or enviroments. I knew my tourettes and my body knew when and where I was going to tic and why, but my brain looked at it as, "I tic, thats it". But I had to explain to myself, why do I have good days and than bad days? Why do some days when I tic, I notice every twitch and I focus on them more, and yet other days I tic but I forget that I even have tourettes? There has got to be a reason to these situations. So thats when I started to compare myself. I would take mental notes of how much I twitched when I was happy, as oppsed to sad. Also in an anger state, confused, tired, rage, embarressed, stress, under pressure, etc.

        I tried to compare the amount of tic expressed, the type of tics, the severity or complexity of them in each emotion. I also looked at myself through different enviroments. At my home, at a bar/resturaunt, by my self, around a small group of friends, in a crowded place, outside, inside, etc.

        I needed to understand myself before I tried to figure out why. From this, I started to notice (for myself, maybe not for everyone) that my TS would become sever in certain situations (some I knew already, some were a surprise to me). My TS got worse in public areas where it was crowed, loud and indoors. I noticed my tics almost double when there is a high stress enviroment. Or if everything around me was "out of whack" or in chaos. They also got worse when I was stressed or angry or overworked. My tics went down in the opposite situations. So I thought, so what is different physically with me from a crowded bar to a night at home by myself. Well, my emotions are totally different. My emotion is high at the bar (even though I dont drink) compared to at home. So my breathing was slower and under control at home. Also there was less "comotion" at home as to the bar scene. Also, the noise, which was huge for me.

        So I decided to try to alter my physical actions while still in a setting where that wouldnt be a natural action do have. I started to control my breathing. Slower and more calm. I daydream alot and so I became good at putting myself in "la la land" to avoid the loud and stressed enviroment. I found that if I was 100% focused on one "thing", that helped my TS to calm down. I would conciously tell myself to do these actions in certain situations over and over again. Soon, I started to do them naturally. Again, this will heklp with small to medium TS attacks. If your just having a bad day and your TS is "out of control", sometimes the best advice is avoid these situations.

        My anxiety, although a different issue, I had the same idea with calming myself. I first tried to figure out when I got anxiety and what I was doing and why. Now, most of my anxiety stems from my medical issue, so not eveyone can relate to this anxiety, but Im sure there are ways to do this for that anxiety too.

        I think the main trick is to understand yourself. Really! Understand what you like, what you dont like. What bothers you, what doesnt. And not just the typical ideas. But more petty, "take for granted" or dont even think about it situations where you would like to be or not. Do you like crowded situations? Do you like certain fragrences or not? Do you like being indoors or outdoors? Understand yourself and why you react to different enviroments, and than try to understand how your TS/anxiety reacts to these. Tahn you go from there. Too many people I think wanna use a "blanket" idea of what sets the TS/anxiety off, but I think its different with every other person.
        The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............


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          Re: HELLO!.....again.....

          Thanks Adam!

          Sounds like the key to your success is knowing exactly how you work. It is awesome that you know yourself so well. TS or not I don't think many people can say that.

          I am curious did you have a lot of help in figuring this out or is this something that you figured out on your own? If this is something you worked on by yourself do you think it would have been easier for you with someone "directing" you? eg: a therapist or support group

          If my questions are too personal please accept my apologies. I am interested in order to be more knowledgeable for my 13 yr old son.


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            Re: HELLO!.....again.....


            No, dont worry, these arnt too personal. No worries! ;)

            I personally did this on my own, but for a 23 year old male, Im very "down to earth" and kinda boring! lol, What I mean is, I dont go out much and party like other kids my age, so instead I stay at home and read up on trivia, facts, and other information on the internet/books/tv (learning channels like discovery or history channel)
            I have studied pshycology on my own for many years and than took a few classes on it in in high school and college. So Im not an expert or anything, but the knowledge that I had helped me get started and also know where to look if I needed help. But I would say that for anyone, even myself included, help from any professional is a smart way to go if you are trying to understand your own brain and "how it makes you tic" (there a pun!)

            I did see a child theropist who dealt with nuerological disorders when I was younger so that may have also helped me understand myself. But I think the main thing is to also know that it takes time, no matter what treatment you do, and nobody is the same, so everyone needs to be treated as their own case.

            But again, this is something that worked for me, so I also dont wanna come off sounded like this idea of "understanding yourself first" approach will be the cure for everyone. But than again, anything that can help is worth a try.
            The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............


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              Re: HELLO!.....again.....

              Hi Adam

              I am so glad you are doing well and popped back in to touch base.

              I hope you can make this a regular place to visit when you are feeling up to it.

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