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  • Hello from Australia

    Hi There,

    I have only looked into TS in the last 3 or 4 years, mainly on internet.
    My first tic started when I was 4 or 5 and they've been pretty much there all my life ( give or take a month or two..)
    I'm a 33 yr old Mum of 3 children (6yrs, 4yrs and 6mths) I've accepted the tics and I know there's nothing I can do about them. I did have one or two body tics when I was much younger (like 7yrs old) involving my arms but other than that one, the tics are facial ones. AT the moment I'm raising my eyebrows and thats been going on for at least 3 years now. I generally only do one tic so I'd say from reading other posts that I have it really mild. (but its there...) I haven't been diagonsed because I don't feel the need to. Its not that bad and most people don't notice it.
    My biggest concern is my children and what are the chances of them inheriting it. My Mum has OCD and tics, my grandfather has tics and my grandmother has OCD. (all from same side of family) my older brother has ADHD and a few really mild tics. I don't have OCD but I am a clean freak.
    I was teased in school as my tics were bad back then, they don't seem to be getting better, I'm just better at hiding them and like most of the sufferers in this forum, when I'm alone, I do it more.
    I was a heavy cannibis user for 10 years (before children) and that seemed to inhance the tics, not relax them.
    There have been periods of time (like months) where I didn't tic at all but there was no significant reason for this. I want to start a journal but haven't got round to doing it. There's not much time left when you've got 3 children under 6 and a husband to look after.
    Well, I look forward to talking with all of you and its good to finally meet people with the same problems I have. No one seems to talk about it and it feels good to talk.


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    Re: Hello from Australia

    Hi Sam

    Welcome to the Forum.

    You are not alone in worrying whether or not your children will inherit any of the disorder. Though Tourette is genetic, there is not enough known about it yet to know whether there is a big chance of our children inheriting the disorder or only a small chance.

    Are you worried only because you know you may have the disorder, or are your children starting to show signs of developing tics?
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      Re: Hello from Australia

      Welcome Sam

      Like you I grew up with tics and symptoms of TS and the associated disorders of ADHD and OCD actually more like OCB(ehaviors) and was not diagnosed. I have 4 sons and two are diagnosed with TSplus and two are symptomatic but yet to be officially diagnosed except my me LOL.

      As Cathy indicated there is no real way to know if it will present in your children. My TS came from my Dad and we only know that now because we only became aware of TS when my oldest was diagnosed 6 years ago.

      If your children present with symptoms, do you have a physician who is knowledgeable of TS who you can talk to about your concerns?

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        Re: Hello from Australia


        My two oldest children are not showing any signs of TS as yet and no, I don't know of any doctors here that are knowledgeable in TS. I suppose I will cross that bridge 'if' we come to it.
        THanks for replies



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          Re: Hello from Australia


          Hello and welcome!

          First, yes you can be diagnosed with a mild case of TS (I was originally but I actually think Im a bit more than mild, but than Im not the worst case either)
          But the trick is that many people experience random tics and/or twitchs in their life so the line between TS and just a "nervous twitch" can be hard to distinguish. And a qualified doctor may be best suited to decide the difference.

          But either way, you're here and we(everyone here and you) can relate to the so called "tics".

          As cathy stated, medicine has learned many new things of TS and how its very possible to be genetic, but because its a neurological disorder, we dont know enough to know for sure the actual odds of it being passed on or even if it will show or the child will just be a "carrier" of TS. (its that old "big T", "little t" talk everyone knows about...............well, maybe not everyone...;)

          I was intrested to hear you say cannibus did NOT help your TS. I personally have never done cannibus but I had heard some other countries were looking into that as a possible treatment.

          Well, the best thing to do here is if you ever have any question about anything (even non TS stuff, we have a thread for those topics too!) dont be scared to ask! We are here to help!

          The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............


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            Re: Hello from Australia

            Thanks Adam,

            The cannabis did relax me but for some reason it has the opposite effect on my tics. I would twitch more after I used it but enjoying the effects of the cannabis I wouldn't care anyway if you know what I mean.

            Would you believe it, since I've been talking about my tics (this forum and to my husband and my mother the other night) they have really calmed down and I haven't been noticing them as much and no headache at the end of the day......amazing.

            Bye for now.



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              Re: Hello from Australia


              Yea, I think I understand what you mean.

              And definately talking about this stuff can release stress and do other good things. I think its also nice to know that other people can understand what your going through. And anything that can help is good!
              The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............


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                Re: Hello from Australia


                I'd like to welcome you to the forum and I am glad you found us.

                I'm not surprised your tics have decreased after sharing your feelings and concerns on the forum. Consider it a release for some.

                This is a wonderful place to bounce ideas or questions around. The feed back is always supportive and often connects to your own experiences so it can help you feel better.

                I hope you are able to frequent the forum and join in. I understand time restraints and tend to sneak in while everyone sleeps..

                Take care