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  • Hey all

    Hey, I'm not sure if we can give our names out but I will neways. I'm Travis, and 17 years old. I have had tourettes for ten years now woth loads of problems. I have missed numerous days of school because of it. If ne1 has tourettes like this I'm about to say please email me back. With my tourettes i no and purposley do the tic as kind of a stretch motion tht relives the sensation I get. Kinda just like before u itch or sneeze. Any ways I am currently on my 6th different medication for my tourettes because it still isn't calming down as I get older. I would love if ne1 wanted to gimmie reply so i could get to no some ppl with tourettes or similar symptoms, lol i'm actually 6'4 but its my camp name when i'm a leader so :P
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    Re: Hey all

    Welcome Travis and hope you find the TSFC Forum informative.

    FYI Forum rules prohibit listing email addresses for contact, which is why your introductory post was edited.

    Thanks for your understanding.
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      Re: Hey all

      Welcome Travis!

      I am so glad you found us. There are many people here who have TS. I am sure you will find this to be a place where you can get tips and understanding from people who either are or who have been exactly where you are now.

      Please browse the forums or use the search feature and add to any thread that interests you. If you have any questions that you can not find answers to on here then ask away!

      Is there a TSFC chapter in your area?