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  • Thuggish Spider

    No, I'm not really a thug but G'Day, how's it going?

    I am 36 years old and only now being seen as having Tourettes. There have been a few people tell they thought I had it over the years but never got it checked and, because it never caused any problems, doctors never had an interest in looking at it.

    This was until I started have some really bad neurological attacks a couply years ago that led to tests for MS and such. It was the psychiatrist that first suggested Tourettes after watching me during the interviews.

    It would all make sense though. Trouble concentrating when I try to learn something. Numbers really stops my brain from accepting new information so I don't ever see myself studying Numerology. LOL

    I've just started a tertiary preparation course at the local university. This week has been a bit hard. One lecture had me hearing the Andrew Sisters and the brass band playing full boar making it hard to take in what was being said.

    Anyway, I'm married, got 4 young children and live in the lower tropics of Queensland, Australia.

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    Re: Thuggish Spider

    Welcome to the group. Hope you find it helpful here.



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      Re: Thuggish Spider

      Welcome spider!

      Glad to have you here. Feel free to ask anything you like or offer whatever knowledge you have to share.

      I am looking forward to getting to know you better.