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  • Hi Everyone

    I am a single mom with a 10 yr old boy with tourette, adhd and possibly hypothoroidism. Am looking for tools to deal with anger and for sleeping. anything would help. Thank you.

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Hi Amelia
    Getting our son to sleep was a big issue in our house. it would take him hours to fall to sleep. Our pediatrician suggested Easy Dissolve Melatonin. THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR FAMILY IN A LONG TIME!!!! We use the Webber natural brand. It is a natural supplement, so we are comfortable using it. We give it to him 1/2 hour before bed. He's a sleep with in minutes of going to bed! and because he is actually getting the sleep that he needs......he's nicer in the morning the sleep also helped with his anger. If your sons has problems staying asleep I heard you can get slow release Melatonin. Hope that helps


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      Re: Hi Everyone

      Welcome Amelia!

      I agree with Rhonda as we too used Melatonin for a long time. It really did make quite a difference. It is a natural substance that you can get over the counter however I would recommend that you run it by your doctor first.

      Getting a good night's rest should help with the anger management. We also found that talking to our son in a calm moment about his anger and brainstorming appropriate ways to deal with it also helped. We came up with some strategies together then agreed that we would cue him to use those strategies before he went past the "point of no return."

      For those times that we did not catch it before the start of a meltdown we found it was best just to let it play out with no interaction from us. Intervening while they are in that state only increases the rage for many kids. If they are in danger of hurting themselves or others then of course intervention is necessary. We also made him responsible for fixing or replacing anything that was broken during a rage.