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New with 7 year old

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  • New with 7 year old

    My son's tourettes is getting a lot worse in recent months. Constant eye blinking, opening/closing jaw, facial movements, neck and shoulder twitching, repeating himself, etc. etc. It's overwhelming. His father also has tourette's so I am aware of it but my son's is so much more obvious, probably as he can't control it at all.
    I am dealing with the school now as they have been discriminating against him due to his tics. The worst is how others perceive him, I don't want them thinking he has mental issues or is crazy, etc.
    I'm glad there is a forum like this to visit.

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    Re: New with 7 year old

    Welcome JRE!

    Getting a copy of the Educator's Resource Kit from the TSFC should go a long way to help the school learn how to handle issues relating to TS. What city do you live in? The TSFC has trained in-services providers that can go out to your school to educate the staff and the students.


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      Re: New with 7 year old

      Welcome JRE! I'm new, too.

      I've read (and experienced), that tics can be at their worse in early adolescence. I wish you and your family the best of luck. You would think that in this day and age, that the school would be aware of the affliction, and a little more understanding.


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        Re: New with 7 year old

        Hi JRE


        I have TS plus and I have 4 sons... a 7 year old twin who have displayed symptoms of TS. My oldest boys are diagnosed and we have educated their peers and classmates each year until my oldest was in grade 7 then he felt it was not necessary any more.

        We found that if you gave their classmates a reason for the "odd behaviors" then their peers accepted them. The problem comes when kids perceive our children to be normal and then when they observe the odd behaviors the kids think that our children are weird.

        Educating the educators helps too. Many do not have the awareness of many, many or the exceptionalities and why i am a huge advocate of all teachers being special ed trained. .

        keep us udated

        TSFC Homepage


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          Re: New with 7 year old

          ya hey janet it was the same way with me up until about grade 9 it gets easier as most people mature but the school should not be discriminating against it. thats the worst thing possible. I my self was diagnosed with tourettes in grade 8 and that helped............ of course it also improved a lot when we moved back to hanover because the people here are more supportive. I have never been to any of the chapters but I know the .... Im not sure what the right word is but the President of the Kitchener chapter came into my school to talk to all the teachers so most of the teachers in my school are educated. getting the teachers educated can really help a lot because then they understand a bit more. if anyone wants to talk to me about my experience my e-mail is