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  • Hello from Canada!

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kim and I am a happily married mom of 4 boys, ages 9 1/2, 5 1/2, 4 & 3! My oldest son Sammy who is 9 1/2 has Tourettes and currently has approx. 12 tics. He also has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, ODD, Dislexia, is considered high on the Autism spectrum and was also diagnosed with Cancer (ALL - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in March of 2005.

    I am hoping to find some advice and support on how to deal with my sons tics and to help him and myself s this goes on. It seems as if he develops a new tic approx every 6 months or so.

    Thanks in advance !

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    Re: Hello from Canada!

    Welcome Kim!

    WOW you sure have your plate full! I hope we can offer you some support and comfort.

    Regarding tics, the first question I would ask is, "Do the tics bother Sammy?" If they do not then it is the people around him who need to ignore them. If the tics don't bother him but they are inappropriate I would encourage him to modify them in some way. Have you looked into Habit Reversal Training for the tics? Habit reversal training is done with a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist who could also be a help in some of the other areas as well.

    I am a firm believer that therapy should always be tried rather than just medication alone. For us a combination of meds and therapy works well for OCD, sleep and rage issues. We have chosen not to medicate for tics as they do not bother my son.
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      Re: Hello from Canada!

      Hi Kim

      We "know" each other from another parenting website, I am glad you found your way here. Has Sammy been referred to the Tourette clinic in London at CPRI called "the Brake Shop"? If not you can call Help Link (our local central access point) and facilitate a referral through them - you will just need a family doctor or pediatrician to sign off on the referral.

      Dr. McKinley who runs the Brake Shop is coming to Windsor in November. I also have a movie you might be interested in called "I have Tourette's but Tourette's doesn't have me".

      My ds also has many co-morbids (ADHD, Sensory Integration, OCD, LD's etc. etc) and after a while we have found that the tics, for the most part, are the least of our worries. It is hard when he has a tic that hurts him or one that involves touching other people and we have to redirect it fast. Otherwise, we educate others and help him to advocate for himself - he has been known to tell people "I can't help it, it's my tics". Oh and at times his tics affect his speech and that is frustrating for him and everyone around him but we just grin and bare it.