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Hello from Nova Scotia

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  • Hello from Nova Scotia


    I am new to the forum and I'm looking to see if there are any members from Nova Scotia? I reside in Cape Breton and I'm looking to find others from Nova Scotia or the Cape Breton area?


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    Re: Hello from Nova Scotia

    Welcome to the forum!

    There are a few people here that I know are from Nova Scotia. I am sure you will hear from them shortly.

    In the meantime take a look around..there is a ton of information on here. If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask!


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      Re: Hello from Nova Scotia

      Hi I'm from Nova Scotia and looking for people in my area as well. All I do know is that there used to be a group in NS but it stopped 18 years ago... I found a man's number who used to be the president but it stopped.. . I have 3 boys one 9 with TS/OCD. the other 8 with TS plus bi-polar,anxiety,compulsions,ADHD and severe full body tics and a 3 year old on the way... I have not yet met anyone with TS here.


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        Re: Hello from Nova Scotia

        Hi Welcome to the Forum

        I apologize for the low activity over the past year. We have had several challenges.

        There is a recource unit in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia. With more people shwing interest they can grow to become a chapter. Feel free to reach out and contact Elisabeth.

        TSFC Homepage


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          Re: Hello from Nova Scotia

          I always welcome people from every corner of the world. But especially Nova Scotia.
          My husband Frans and I have have a son who is 9 with TS+ and a 5 year old daughter, who wants to be older then she really is;-). We had a hard time finding support for parents in Nova Scotia when our son was diagnosed with TS now three years ago.
          So in March 2008 my husband and I started C.H.A.T. together, what stands for Community, Help and Awareness for Tourette.
          To have more support and stand stronger together, we decided to become an offical affiliate from the Tourette syndrome foundation Canada.
          Because we thought that, to become a chapter would be to early for us, we became a Resource Unit. The Name Lower Sackville is because that's were we started. We are here for everybody in Nova Scotia!
          We have meetings ones a month except July and August.
          Our group is growing bigger and bigger, and I can't tell everyone how thankful I am with our dedicated volunteers.
          We were even in the Christmas parade in Bedford (NS) on Sunday November 22. 2009 It was our main goal to bring out awareness about our group and support for TS families here in Nova Scotia.
          A group of 20 volunteers including myself, other parents and their children walked in this parade with posters, banners and Christmas bells!
          I'm the coordinater for the Lower Sackville Resource Unit. Because I also speak Dutch, I (try) to keep connections with the Dutch TS organisation.
          For more information, or just a chat, email;
          I'll do my best to write back as soon as I can.