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  • hello

    I've been floating around the furum for sometime, more out of curiosity than anything else.

    My curiosity has been sparked by the fact that on ocation people do ask me if I have tourettes, which I don't have. what I do have is a verry severe stutter. so sevear a stutter that mearly trying to talk puts me into facial contortions. At times I have concentrated and fought so hard to talk that in the exertion of it all ive I've lost my balance and fallen over.
    Most people have no knowlage of the fact that a stutter can be so sevear. so mistaking a stutter for touretts is an easy thing to do, even though the two condition are verry different beasts.

    as you now know the reason of my curiosity, i'll likely be asking a few questions in the forums about tourettes, if your curious about my stutter, feell free to ask back.

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    Re: hello

    Hi Mike,

    Some researchers feel there is some similarity between stutter and Tourette as is described in this post

    In fact that entire thread talks about the subject, but you may also be interested in Post #3 which inlcudes some info about The Stuttering Foundation.

    Have you ever received any medical help or counseling in connection with your stutter?

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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      Re: hello

      Glad to see an "outsider" making good use of the forum. Yes, it works both ways. Tics are sometimes confused for stutters. I worked with a lot of TS+ kids who got sent to speech and language WAY before they saw a neurologist or psychiatrist who knew about TS.

      Please feel free to pose questions!
      Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"


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        Re: hello

        Hi steve, yes ive been in and out of speach therapy/pathology clinics since I was 5 years old. I'm not so bad anymore, and most of the time I have what I would consider a functional control, allthough people still turn heads when they hear me talk. To maintain control I basicly talk abnormally slow, which allows me to get out 90% of what I need to say without stuttering. Its not what I'd prefer, but it beats the hell out of communicating by pen and paper.

        I still go in for speach therapy sessions a few times year to brush up on my skills, or to keep up on my changing speach patterns.....peoples stutters tend to change over the years, I dont stutter the same as I did 10 or even 5 years ago. Sounds i couldnt make 5 years ago roll off my tounge effortlessly, while sounds that never used be a problem I couldnt say to save my life. It just means I have to constantly keep up on doing speach therapy practice.