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  • Hello from Northern Ontario

    Hi everyone!!! I am also happy to find somewhere I can talk to others and try to learn as much as possible about TS. My son is 7 years old and was just recently diagnosed with TS. Our doctor said the best thing we can do for him is educate all his family, friends and school. I am a little discouraged at the lack of resources available in Northern Ontario. Maybe I am not looking in the right places?? If anyone has any advice or suggestions on groups/seminars in Northern Ontario I would greatly appreciate it. At the moment I am looking into attending this years conference in Ottawa - it sounds as though it may be very informative/insightful - although the challenge is getting there. Would other's recommend this conference to parents and children whom are new to TS?? I look forward to chatting to everyone :-) Thanks!

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    Re: Hello from Northern Ontario

    Hi, scameron. Welcome to TSFC Forums.


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      Re: Hello from Northern Ontario

      Hello scameron and welcome to the Forum!

      I think there is no better way to make the contacts you might need for support and infdormation than at a National Conference. You can meet others from your area who may be intersted in forming a support group, or at least learn where to find the resources in your area.

      Not all health professionals have sufficient training or clinical experience with Tourette to provide the level of care often needed, so it may take a bit of legwork and calling around on your part to locate a competent consultant in your area. You may have to be proactive in making your enquiries and ask directly if the person you're speaking to has clinical experience with treating Tourette Syndrome, and if they don't can they refer you to someone they know who has.

      A call to the TSFC office may point you to someone in your part of Northern Ontario.
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