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  • Hi! Another new member

    My 6 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with transient tic disorder and ADHD. I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. I have had appointments with psychologists, peditrician, family doctor, child counsellor, OT therapists and the school administration/resource team. I am grateful to have found this forum as just reading what others have to say is helping me to start processing all this. I am sure I will have many questions in the near future but for now I just wanted to say Hi!

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    Re: Hi! Another new member

    Welcome to the forum, Kimmer. Loads to read, heaps of information. Feel free to ask any questions you like.


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      Re: Hi! Another new member

      Hi Kimmer745,

      I'm sure you are feeling overwelmed now that your daughter has been diagnosed. However, you're doing all the right things, meeting with all the right people, and reading through the Forum. Welcome! Continue to share the experiences of the others who have posted before you. We look forward to your questions.

      Remember to take some time for yourself when you are feeling overwelmed. You need to recharge your batteries in the midst of all these appointments so you don't burn out. And don't forget to make lots of family time in between to reassure your daughter (and other children) that they are treasured and loved.

      Good luck!
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        Re: Hi! Another new member

        Welcome to the Forum, Kimmer and we hope you will find the information and support you need here. Let us know how we can help.

        How is your daughter dealing with all the attention, and what about the rest of the family in response to her diagnosis?
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