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Introduction and question re: flu shot and potential side effects

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  • Introduction and question re: flu shot and potential side effects

    Hello everyone - I am the mother of twin 7 year old daughters, both of whom exhibit a variety of the symptoms of Tourette's. We have been on a real path of love and learning since June which is when one daughter began with a real outburst of facial and motor tics. Our other daughter began with some mild facial tics as well since about August. Tics have come and gone in many shapes and forms and overall, I think they are doing really well. Their symptoms are not affecting their daily functioning and they both continue to have strong peer relationships and are doing well in school. I have met with their pediatrician and at this time, we have chosen not to see a neurologist. The both have referrals to Sick Kids for anxiety-related issues and we are waiting for our first appointments. We continue to track and document their symptoms and have found this helpful in understanding potential triggers.
    Though I have so many questions for forum members, I suppose the one that I am most curious about right now is the flu shot. I have read that getting the flu shot may really trigger tics. Is this there any research to support or deny this? Has anyone on the forum had experiences with an onset of tics related to receiving a flu shot? The girls have always had the flu shot and never experienced any side effects, but if there is any truth to this, I certainly do not want to trigger their tics. With the reportedly very aggressive flu season, I want to keep them as healthy as possible. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    I look forward to sharing with and learning from one another on this forum as time goes on.

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    Re: Introduction and question re: flu shot and potential side effects

    There is no scientific evidence to support any of the misconceptions, myths and superstitions surrounding influenza vaccination.

    On the other hand there is strong medical evidence to support everyone eligible for vaccination, not only for their own protection but for the protection of everyone around them, especially those most vulnerable to complications from influenza.

    Get vaccinated along with your family.

    Vaccination & Vaccine Safety |

    Flu myths and truths
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      Re: Introduction and question re: flu shot and potential side effects

      This is our personal experience w/ the H1N1 vac in Nov. of 2010. My son received this vac and one week later started ticcing. He was 8 going to be 9 in 4 mos. He had never had a tic before. He did have some mild OCD. I have OCD. There are plenty of people w/ TS that never got a flu shot. I did personally hear from a pediatric neuro that the live nose spray vac could make some kids tic but that it would go away.