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  • Hello from a New Member!

    Hello, everyone!

    I just became a new member and I'd like to discuss my son's Tourette.
    He started his vocal tic(clearing his throat) in June 2013, just 3 weeks before our departure date to Montreal.

    We are from Korea and I am waiting for the medical card to get any consult and treatment for my son.

    As time went by, his vocal tics transferred to moto tics like blinking his eyes and making a fist and curing his toes. His tic sometimes goes better but sometimes go worse.
    However, recently, his tic goes worse and he does tic with his whole body like blinking his eyes, clearing his throat, sniffing his nose, making a fist,curing up his toes.
    I am so worried about him because he told me " Mom. Tic bothers me a lot..It's to hard for me.."

    I try to give the food without artificial colors or preservatives. I try to give him the organic ingredents and he takes magnasium, omega3 and vitamin B.

    I don't know how to get the treatment from a doctor in Montreal and the process. I'm not sure if he should take the medicine but I want him to be checked by the doctors.

    Can any body help me with this problem? Any kind of advice will be welcomed and appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Hellow from a New Member!

    Hello Belasia and welcome to the Tourette Canada Forum. Thank you for joining us and we'll be glad to help you find some direction for your son.

    How old is your son and was June 2013 the first sign of any symptoms?

    Has your son been formally diagnosed as having Tourette Syndrome by a medical professional who specializes in movement disorders, specifically Tourette?

    If his diagnosis is indeed Tourette, it can be helpful to know that although tic symptoms are neurologically based, and are involuntary, their frequency and intensity is influenced by environmental factors, both internal and external. Therefore stress, fatigue and excitement would be factors that would make tics more frequent and/or intense.

    Similarly knowing that other people like friends, family or peers might react or respond in a critical or punitive manner to his symptoms could also influence his tic activity.

    What kinds of activities or interests does your son have, in the way of hobbies, sports, music, or other pass times? How is he doing socially?

    Please call the Tourette Canada National Office for the name of a Tourette specialist. They maintain lists of qualified doctors.

    You may find this article helpful at this time: Clinical Course of Tourette Syndrome

    What questions do you have with regard to your son's symptoms?
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      Re: Hellow from a New Member!

      Dear Steve,

      Thank you for your reply.
      My son suffers from his Tic a lot these days. In Korea, when he started his vocal tic, he was 6 years old and he is now 8 years old (Grade2). I visited the pediatric psychiatrist in Korea and he told me my son has Tourette syndrome because he has vocal tic.
      My son's tic get better after we arrived in Montreal an it's been not bad but recently, it is getting worse and it even prevents him from sleeping well. I assum the reason as below;
      1) his two best frinds moved to other city
      2) his grandmother is going to leave us soon and go back to Korea.

      I am so worried so I visited the Montreal Children's Hostpital website to search which department I have to contact.
      First of all, I'm confused I have to contact Neurology or Neurophysiology deparment.
      Secondly, I read I need to have referrals from the doctors to have the appointment
      I don't know where to go to get the refferals..

      I encourage my son not to be discouraged and I try to make him comfortable.
      He is learning swimming once a week and his relationship with his friends is overall good. He likes to play with friends.
      However, he is very sensitive so he worries about fire alarm and earthquake. Becasue his father is working in Korea and his grandmother is leaving Montreal soon, he feels sad. He is very emotional.

      Can you recommend any good doctor in Montreal for my son?
      I don't know what to do or where to go..

      Thank you again and good night!

      Best wishes,


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        Re: Hellow from a New Member!


        In the past, it was the Department of Neurology that saw children with Tourette at the Montreal Childrens Hospital in Montreal. I am not sure if they still have a TS clinic, but if they do, it would likely be in that department.

        You would get a referral to a specialist from a general practitioner (Family Physician). Are you eligible for Quebec Medicare or do you have another independent arrangement for your medical expenses. Do you have a Family physician at this time?

        If you do not, without being specific, would you tell me in what part of the City you live....downtown Montreal, East End, West End eg N.D.G, West Island, Laval or South Shore?

        he is very sensitive so he worries about fire alarm and earthquake.
        What do you think is the basis for this fear?

        He is learning swimming once a week and his relationship with his friends is overall good. He likes to play with friends.
        Excellent! It sounds like he is an energetic young man! Have you noticed if he tics while swimming, or playing a game? What about when he is doing work that requires concentration and focus, such as problem solving or drawing a picture?

        I encourage my son not to be discouraged and I try to make him comfortable.
        Is your son allowed to express his tics at home or n his room without interruption or interference? In other words, does he feel that his home and his room are safe places where he can express his tics at will?

        How is his relationship with his teacher and classmates?
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          Re: Hellow from a New Member!

          Dear Steve,
          Today's morning, I went to a walk in clinic and get the referral and I sent fax to the Montreal Children's hospital.
          I got the answer from the Neurology department that if my son's referral is accepted, they will contact me but I have to wait 3 o 4 months to get the result.

          I live in the west Montreal where is close to the downtown.
          My son expresses his tic at home and I think he thinks home is the safe place to express his tic.
          During the swimming lesson, he also expresses Tic lightly. When he focuses, his tic decreases.
          I think his fear is based on the security however I am not sure.

          His relationship with his teacher is very good. Teachers told me that they didn't notice his tic during the class.
          But my son told me he did Tic at school, too but much less than home. I asked him how he feels when he expresses hit tic and he told me he feel a bit shame.

          I don't know whether I have to wait until Montreal hospital contact me or I'd better find another clinic for my son.
          If you can recommend any good clinic, it will be highly appreciated.

          Thank you again. Your reply give me a lot of comfort!

          Have a good day!


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            Re: Hellow from a New Member!

            Excellent for being proactive and getting the referral. Yes, do wait for your son to be seen and assessed at the Children's Hospital Department of Neurology. It is by far your best resource in Montreal.

            It may help to telephone and follow up periodically to make sure your son's request is being processed...perhaps even ask to be seen sooner if there is cancellation.

            Teachers told me that they didn't notice his tic during the class.
            This is not uncommon with Tourette. Although tics are involuntary, they can be suppressed temporarily, which often occurs when a child is in school. When he comes home to his safe place, perhaps tired from his day at school and excited to be home, his tics may become more frequent and/or intense. This pattern is not unusual.

            I asked him how he feels when he expresses hit tic and he told me he feel a bit shame.
            You can help by giving him self confidence and helping to reinforce his self esteem. It is important that he understand that he is not identified by his tics, but rather by the wonderful, intelligent and creative person he is.

            He is not the only one in the world with Tourette, and his Tourette should not be an obstacle to anything he chooses to do.

            It would help him to be prepared with a short explanation of his symptoms if he finds it necessary to explain to someone he encounters. You could help him by rehearsing his response, so he can explain easily.

            Perhaps something like, "The sounds or movements I sometimes make are because I have Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder and the sounds / movements are involuntary. Are you familiar with Tourette Syndrome?"

            I recommend this wording because Tourette Syndrome is repeated three times, emphasizes the points: neurological disorder and involuntary, and finally encourages a dialogue about Tourette.

            Here are some possible resources to help your son:

            For Children | Tourette Canada

            Tourette Syndrome Young People

            Resource library - Children & young people

            CPRI Brake Shop clinic: Leaky Brake Toolbox

            Search the links and resources for young people on each of the major TS Advocacy organizations.
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              Re: Hello from a New Member!

              Welcome to the forum, Belasia, I'm so glad you found it.

              Is your son interested in soccer? You and your son could look at some videos together of Tim Howard, the famous soccer goalie with Tourette Syndrome. You can watch him play soccer, and watch him speak publicly about TS -- this has helped my son (age 12) lose the sense of shame.

              I know nothing about getting medical care in your area -- it sounds like Steve is a good resource about this. However, I can tell you that we waited four months to see a child neurologist (and well-known expert in TS), and traveled two hours each direction to see him, but he gave us NO assistance with medications. I have had to research medications myself, speaking with other Tourette and OCD specialists on the phone, at conferences, etc. My son's general practitioner considers the medications I ask her about, follows up by researching them, and then we talk on the phone and figure out a game plan. She has me keep in touch regularly with my observations so she can make adjustments. Even if the neurologist you see is better than the one we saw, it's still a long wait for you. It is very difficult for both your son and for you to be coping with his sleep problems. (I know because I've been there!)

              There are some medications that might help, and a family doctor or pediatrician may be able to give you information and prescriptions that may help. Here are the medications my son finds helpful, which you could perhaps ask your son's doctor for information about, as a conversation starter:
              Tenex (we liked this one better than Intuniv)
              SSRI anti-depressant (please note that the dosage recommended for tourettic OCD is much, much higher than what is given for depression, but you have to start small and increase S L O W L Y; I would strongly suggest that you avoid Paxil, since it has potentially more side effects than other SSRIs)
              Ativan (my son takes a very small dose -- 0.5 mg per day, divided up into three doses)
              Sonata (my son takes a small dose -- 5 mg OCCASIONALLY for insomnia)

              I hope you can find someone who can do behavioral treatment for symptoms of TS (and possibly tourettic OCD) in your area. Try googling CBIT and ERP with the name of your town.