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5 year old lip licking

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  • 5 year old lip licking

    Hello - I am Paula from Saskatoon SK. I've never posted here before.

    My 5 year old has been ticcing on and off for 2 1/2 years. First with the eye blink, neck roll, stomach hiccup, lip licking, and so on. He started kindergarten this Fall and is doing okay. He is a very bright boy, but easily bored. He has always liked to "test the waters" and challenge things which makes life interesting. My husband's dad has Tourettes so we have a genetic link to TS. I am having difficulty finding anyone in Saskatoon that has knowledge in TS. I have a consultation appointment on November 17 to talk to our GP about where to go for a diagnosis, or just some help with how to talk to our boy, deal with the tics and help him through the tough times. Any suggestions, words of encouragement?

    I find myself feeling embarrased to be in public because of his behaviour. He is always hanging on things, jumping around, licking his lips until they are completely raw, the list goes on. His behaviour can go from happy go lucky to completely mad in a matter of seconds. Might this be tourettes?

    Thank you and I look forward to your replies.

    Paula Kelly

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    5 year old lip licking

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum, Paula! According to the list of Chapters and Affiliates there is a Chapter of TSFC in Regina. You may wish to contact them for info on local resources in Saskatoon.

    You may wish to do some initial investigation on your own by contacting the Department of Neurology at your local hospital and asking who on their staff has an interest in Tourette Syndrome. If Saskatoon has a Childrens' hospital or a department of Pediatric Psychiatry, you might call there and ask the same question.

    Not all physicians have clinical training in Tourette Syndrome so you need to qualify the consultant you will see with your son to satisfy yourself that person has had training and has a professional interest in Tourette.

    As difficult as it may be at this early stage of recognizing your son might be afflicted with Tourette, you need to be a source of support for your son. Your embarrassment will be transferred to your son and of he feels Mom and Dad are embarrassed by his Tourette, it will be difficult for him to develop the personal self confidence he will need in later life.

    Tourette is a legitimate medical condition like diabetes or short sightedness, and your son needs to develop strategies to be able to explain, when necessary, to people he meets that his tics and behaviours are involuntary and that it is called Tourette.

    We're here to help you, Paula and to provide you with information and support as you begin your journey with your son.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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      5 year old lip licking

      Paula, his tics are pretty typical of TS. Of course, not knowing your son, we can't tell you that he definitely has it. But I agree with Steve that you need to try and get him diagnosed. Because then you'll also have access to services he might need, and you can tell his school what the problem is.

      Unfortunately, if your son notices your embarrassment, he might get upset, and he'll try to stop the tics. And the more he tries, and realizes he is doing something that upsets you, the worse the tics might get. The best thing to do is to ignore them completely (I know, it's hard to do).
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        5 year old lip licking


        Welcome to the TS forum and know you are among parents and adults like you that find this site very comforting.

        Your son appears to have to TS by your descriptions of his behavior and the energy most little boys have naturally.

        There are some books out that might help explain what is happening to him that he could relate too. There are a number of postings on this site that reference good material.

        Him stopping his behavior is like you holding your breath for ever. It just wont happen, but in time and with better understanding within your family and with your son he will learn to manage them better.

        It is wonderful to hear that your son is so active and smart. Draw on this and help him be creative and active. It will create higher self esteme.

        Don't ever worry about what others think when going out in public, if you watch him closely you can probably target the good hours of the day to go running around the ones you might want to have calm time to share.

        They make lip balm on a rope that can be worn around the neck under a shirt or sweater. He can use this to improve the lips condition and most kids like the colours of the tubes.

        Steve is right about finding sources, make some calls and see if there is a local chapter for TS in your area. The meetings will help you, like this website.

        Please keep us informed of the progress you have made and make sure to log down everything you see like a journal for your visits to the Doctors. Sometimes a pattern rises to the surface and this can help both you and the Doctor planning out his future.

        Take care and be assured you are not alone.


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          5 year old lip licking

          just wanted to say Hi!


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            5 year old lip licking

            Welcome Paula

            I'm glad you found us. I just wanted to say hi and encourage you to post any question any time and we will be here for support, sharing, maybe even answers and always to listen.

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