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tourette syndrome for adult

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  • tourette syndrome for adult

    My son is 20 years old, he has been diagnose tourette syndrome since he was 7 years old.
    although his sympton is mild, but I just wonder, whether people with tourette will damage stuff in house and he does not know whether he did it or not.

    I mean damage things since he feel rage, anger....etc.

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    tourette syndrome for adult

    Studies show that people with just Tourette's are only as likely to have anger issues as the general population.

    If he has episodes of what he feels is uncontrollable anger/reactions, it could be stemming from a comorbid issue such as ADHD, OCD, etc. And it's good to determine WHAT the diagnosis is because treatment would vary depending. For example if it's stemming from OCD because he's getting stuck on an obsession and can't 'perform' the compulsion to 'make it better', he could be experiencing extreme frustration. This would require a different approach than if he were experiencing frustration stemming from, say, ADHD.

    Like many young men his age, it could also just be that he needs help learning HOW to express his anger. ??? I've encountered many a young man who when angered feels the need to punch a wall or break something. (I work in kitchens, and it also seems to attract men with anger management issues. :? )

    (Check out this article about the CATS (Canadian-American TS) Database, sponsored by the TSFC to see what I mean... It states:
    There is one important generalization that obtains. If you look at persons with TS Only (wherever they come from) they have a low rate of those 4 problems named above: anger control 11%, sleep 11%, coprolalia 5%, and SIB 6%. If a patient with TS has ADHD, however, the chances of having anger control problems and coprolalia double, sleep disorder triples, and SIB is unaffected; with TS+OCD, three areas increase a bit, but SIB is 5 times more frequent; with TS+ADHD+OCD, anger control problems are 3 times more likely.

    Conclusion: it thus seems that it is comorbidity which accounts for most of the high reported rates of problems (other than tics) in persons with TS.


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      tourette syndrome for adult

      Welcome to the TSFC forum. I glad you found us.

      In response to your concerns may I please ask a few questions?

      Has your son ever been diagnosed with any other conditions?

      Is he taking medication for his TS or any other condition?

      You can do a search (listed above in blue) on this forum for "anger" & "melt downs" and see others have raised the same questions and concerns.

      Have you spoken to he Doctor about these outbursts?

      Have you considered keeping a record or journal to review with his Doctor to determine patterns or provide details for him to understand what is happening?

      We have experienced these "melt downs" or "anger fits" with my 12yr old son, but he has multiple disorders including TS. Have you noticed if your son is trying to avoid his tics or frustrated and trying to stop them?
      When my son used to try to suppress his tics he would become overly agitated with himself and anyone around him. The tics would come out worse then ever and the frustration he experienced was overwhelming and damaging to walls & property.

      Over time he has learned to "manage" his tics though this does not imply he can make them not happen. The frustration level has been reduced and the "melt downs" as we used to refer to them have subsided.

      I hope you can find the support you need by approaching your son's Doctor with your concerns. If you are living with these experiences and can not pen point why, then your son's Doctor should be able to provide some answers.

      Please keep us posted on your progress and I look forward to your future posts. If you need any assistance navigating the forum please let use know.


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        Tourette Syndrome for adult

        My son only been diagnosis with TS, doctor did not find out any disorder
        What I notice is that during these years, my husband keep on reveiwing
        the stuff in our household damaged. He wonder my son did it because when we scold him, and he feel anger and damage it, but we asked him, he always said he did not do it.

        So we just wonder maybe he does not know what he is doing. Is this belong to TS?


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          tourette syndrome for adult


          Having Tourette Syndrome does not impair memory. As has been mentioned, people with Tourette may sometimes have rage reactions, perhaps because of a heightened state of anxiety.

          Some people with Tourette report feeling a sense of mental overload when they are presented with multiple instructions at the same time.

          For example if you say to the person, "wash your hands, eat your dinner, walk the dog and make your bed" a person with Tourette may not be able to separate each task in their mind and not know where to start first.

          It is not clear if this is related to Tourette or perhaps to an associated disorder like Attention Deficit.

          If your son says he cannot remember doing these things or if you feel he refuses to admit to doing them, then perhaps some counselling might be useful.

          Do you live in an area where there is a local TSFC Chapter or support group?

          Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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