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Hi from NB

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  • Hi from NB

    I'm not exactly a "new" member, but haven't posted in some time.
    I was hoping to contact some parents in the New Brunswick area.
    My son is almost 10 and has Tourette's/ADHD/OCD. I was looking over some of the posts and felt an immediate connection with the frustrations and struggles of other parents here.
    I love my son with all of my heart and want to provide him with the best opportunities and support that I can.
    This holiday season has been particularily hard as Matthew finds stressful situations difficult. (I guess we all do, really!)
    We have also recently made a change in medication and I am finding his frustration/anger levels to be almost at the bottom!
    I hope to hear from someone in NB and perhaps form a support group.
    Happy New Year to all!

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    Hi from NB

    Welcome back to the TSFC forum.

    There are others from NB on this forum so you should have some responses to your suggestion.

    I hope you visit often and spend some time in the parent portion of the forum. Despite the fact there are those that are not in your area we have created a little support group among ourselves here.

    Have you checked to see if you have a local TS Chapter?

    My son is (12yrs) now and we had to tone down his holiday festivities to accommodate his anxiety levels, so I understand.

    Did I understand correctly that after changing his med's he has improved?

    I hope so, we found a big difference over this fall by being instructed to combine doses in the morning with my son.

    I hope you become a regular again on the forum and take advantage of the support and resources the TSFC forum provides.

    It has made a major impact on our own household and the kindness and support we have been given has helped us through some rough times.


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      Hi from NB

      Thanks for the welcome back!
      I guess I should explain what I meant by "the bottom"...ha ha! Matthew has had low tolerance and alot of frustration and anger over the last few weeks. I feel now that we should have waited until after the holiday's to switch meds, since now I find myself confused about the origin of the anger etc. Is it the med or is it the holiday/stress componment? Matthew was taking Dexedrine and is now taking Adderal XR. I find it difficult sometimes to get the support/info I feel we need from our current pediatrician. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the support we get, but don't always feel my questions and concerns are completely addressed.

      Thanks again for the welcome and reply!


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        Hi from NB

        Sometimes Doctors want you to change out med's during breaks to avoid more issues at school.

        We went through this ourselves with my son and they don't always run smoothly.

        We always told the school in advance that we were switching out the med's to warn them of concerns and would give them an update early the first day back at school to avoid suspension issues if it was a bad run.

        We would also contact the Doctor first thing in the morning especially if it had been one to two weeks the med's had been switched.
        This would cause an early dismissal from school and a visit to the Doctor.

        Children do not always adjust well to a change. I understand your confusion on the subject but if your child has problems on the first day you maybe able to rule out the holiday stress.

        Maybe you should get everyone concerned up to date and prepare for a revisit to the Doctor either Monday or Tuesday. You can always cancel the appointment if he settles in alright.

        Good luck and please keep us posted.


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          Hi from NB

          Welcome back MJ

          The source of the anger/frustration is a difficult thing to decipher for many of us as parents. Many times the kids get frustrated due to not having the ability to communicate what is wrong and sometimes that can be due to not having the language to say what is wrong. My oldest son was diagnosed at the age of 9 but he was 12 before he could recognize that he was frustrated... let alone tell me that was what he was feeling.

          Have you ever read the book The Explosive Child by Ross Greene? It is a great resource and I strongly recommend that every adult who has dealing with a child with neurologies read it.

          I will share that last September I tried my 7 year old on Adderal because he cannot swallow tablets, etc and he could not tolerate it. It made him more agitated and he was crying everyday at school and he was storming and running from the class. He was more obsessive and was getting stuck over everything. I made the call to stop it and have not put him back on that Rx. this is my personal experience and I share it just to encourage you to keep a record of your son's behaviors before and after the switch. talk to your doctor and complete the checklists that he probably supplied you with IE behavior changes to watch for IE to track if they are better or worse.

          Please feel free to ask any question any time here. There is a tremendous support system here with so many great people willing to listen and share their stories and strategies.

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            Hi from NB

            Welcome back to the Forum, MJ! Glad you have decided to become an active participant in the Forum and to look into setting up a support group in New Brunswick.

            For the latter, please contact the TSFC National Office at (800) 361-3120.

            What are the medication changes you son is dealing with?

            Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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