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  • a big YO! from texas

    Hi, im a 19 year old college student (art major) who jsut happened to stumble on to this cool little corner on teh web. I've had ts since i was 7, and man has it been a trip. lately i've been reading that more and more people are being diognosed with ts. Dont know whether its a good thing or not. i mean, they have ts, but on the other hand, im not alone in this whole experience. I believe i was diagnosed with ADHD or something like that. i have notice im a bit on the social annxiety disorder, and a bit insomniac(as u can tell by the time of this post)

    At first, i didn't really care, mostly cuz i was 7. later on when i was a teen, man did it bother me..! i grew up in a small, mexican based, texan town. i was the first diaognosed case in my town. so it was very very weird for me. kind a hard to grow up like that. school was a drag, but it is to most kids. i did get very depressed right before 8th grade. thats around the time i went off my meds. the doc asked if i wanted to be on them or not, i choose not to take them. they didn't help much, they just made me feel alot more tense than i already was.

    I've been off the medication ever since. best choice i ever made. the doctor gave my mind the advise to "Just not pay attention to it". my mother called the doctor a "half ass crook" for wasting her time and money, she argured "what kind of treatment is that". well, my moms eating her words right now. i dunno what it was but after so many years of going to doctors, and medication, a break from it all was real good. although i still have the twitches its kind of settled down. i dont have them as much, except when im excited/or worried about somthing, thats when they seem to flare up. I do have the tic year round, but its almost like a seasonal thing. during winter i usualy twitch around the neck and hands, i dont usually get enough sleep(as u can tell). but during summers it has to do with my feet, toes, and face. i can usually tell what season it is my twitches, im like the freaken groundhog over here.

    highschool was easy, i spent my days playing videogames and hangign out with friends. I noticed that i could "mask" my tics very well, and only my closest friends knew about it. i prefer it that way. My sophomore year i started dating a long term friend. she didn't notice until i told her(well thats what she says). around that time i got into some trouble, joined a gang, got inot fights, thats sort of thing. I actually got my girlfriend pregnant around senior yr. (same girl btw).

    We're now married, have a beatiful daughter. we're both going to college, im an art major, shes a nursing major. LIfe with ts is hard, growing up was a real hassle, but now that i look back it feels like it was too easy. Now i have a kid, and raising will be hard enough. But that one thought always lingers in the back of my mind "will she have it?" only time will tell.

    Im usualy a relaxed personal type of guy, being in a place like this its kinda like a have to spill my heart out. mostly cuz u guys know, or will know how it feels. to feel isolated, alone, even with friends and family all around, you cant help but to feel by your self all the time.

    Well im sure gonna be coming back around here. wouldn't mind getting to knwo some of u guys.

    oh and Sorry about the long post, had lots on my mind. kthxbye, going to bed now. pce....oh and im not canadian.
    Be the parent, not another doctor.

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    a big YO! from texas

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum. You don't have to be Canadian to participate in our Forum and we're glad you found us.

    You experience with Tourette parallels those frequently encountered by others.

    Diverting, suppressing or re directing tics is a favorite strategy used by many people to get through life's situations, though the tics usually need to be expressed at some point.

    Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion here, or start another if you wish.

    Consider having a conversation with your daughter at some point as she gets older, about the genetic aspects of Tourette. She may not have the disorder, but she should be aware of its presence in her genes, so she can provide a heads up to her children and grand children.

    Enjoy the TSFC Forum!
    TouretteLinks Forum


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      a big YO! from texas


      You are not the only person we have here who enjoys sharing with their Canadian friends as you will see if you stay connected. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

      Feel free to visit us often and ask any question. There are many people here always willing to listen and/or share.

      TSFC Homepage


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        a big YO! from texas


        I am glad you found the TSFC forum.

        You do not have to be Canadian to post here, so don't be concerned. We have people from all over joining in.

        I hope you are able to do some reading on the forum and you will find you are not alone.
        Please feel free to post questions, concerns or topics for future discussion.


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          a big YO! from texas

          Hey, good to meet you!! :D I'm not Canadian either. I'm practically your neighbor cuz I'm only 2 states away in Arizona. :D

          the fact that both you and your wife are going to school AND have a baby is impressive!! I'd be exhausted! ;)


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            a big YO! from texas

            Hey man, I am even closer than that-Oklahoma but I won't go into the Boomer Sooner thing because that is only for sports. My daughter has TS, ADHD, and some signs of OCD. I have to tell you that I was laughing out loud at your humorous tellings in the week hours-laughter is soooooo good for the soul. I can imagine your concern for your daughter too. We also have a 2 year old son and I catch myself watching him like a hawk although I don't think the tics will show up this early. But I am trying to view these things with faith and just because statistics say.......doesn't mean it has to happen! Good luck!