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adult with noisy 'habit?'

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  • adult with noisy 'habit?'

    Hi, I'm here in Barrie, Ontario. An 'almost 46' year old female with a lifelong mystery that 'thanks' to this may be solved. :D

    All my life I've had this irritating 'clearing of the throat' and yes some times worse than others. I've also developed over time this noise, hard to describe, but almost like a grunting, clicking ... I can relate to this following quote by tourettetiger.......

    Originally posted by tourettetiger
    I have been sniffling, coughing, clearing, scraping, clicking, flicking, and clucking (but not all at once - thank the Universe for small favors)
    I always felt it was a noisy habit, but when I consciously try to not do this noise thing I get the feeling that I cannot breathe and have to do the click, grunt or whatever it is. Can get to be a scary feeling..... and because of this I'm telling myself it can't be a habit. And of course when I go to the doctors office this doesn't present itself to him and I can't do it on purpose. :?

    I have not been diagnosed per say by my doctor since this is relatively new to me. My aunt (Dad's sister) mentioned to me about this. My Dad (passed in July at the age of 80) always had this thing he did with noise and with age it got worse and I associated it with his many health issues (lung and heart). Mine is getting worse too or at least more noticeable during times of stress which in my life has multiplied tenfold within the last 10 years (loss of most of my family members, sister, brother and both parents). My late brother's oldest son also has the clearing of the throat but worse than mine and the doctors just sent him in for allergy shots.. didn't help the throat clearing though, but they just kept on, he's now almost 30 years old. My aunt that mentioned this has a 'tic' where she moves the side of her nose.... I don't think she notices it since she only mentions my Dads' tendencies. It's my understanding that this is hereditary? I don't have kids of my own so I'll never know for sure if it can be passed down.

    I don't mean to ramble on but it's hard to say a lot in just an introduction post. :oops:

    OK... I've never been diagnosed with any allergies or behavor problems, but I suspect some of my childhood experiences may have been overlooked medically.... back in the 60's, 70's there wasn't any help with behaviour issues.... just a whack and told to behave....even at 13 years old I was put on "nerve pills" to settle me down after school.... confusing life it was... I have had ongoing 'depression' problems and the doctor thought it was a strange time of year for mine, summer time was when my depression hit, medications didn't seem to do a lot of good..... therefore I just learned to suffer through those months.

    Right now I have some emotional stuff going on and I'm noticing that my thinking patterns are easily disrupted and I'm not able to concentrate on one thing for long periods of time, easily distracted or just plain give up for lack of understanding. :roll:

    I've been reading quite a bit here and am overjoyed at the possibility that I may finally have some answers to my puzzles. :lol:

    One question I do have, my husband says that over that past 5 or 6 years I've developed a snore that is very loud and is not nasal, but comes from my throat area or deeper . I do not have to be on my back to snore, I can be on my stomach, side, curled in fetal position,,,, any position at all and my mouth is NOT open. I've taken to sleeping on the couch so he can get a decent night sleep (he sleeps with the door closed too). I am not a smoker (been smoke free for almost 6 years). My doctor is finally sending me to an ENT to see about this... but with our lovely healthcare system it'll be a while before an timeslot opens up.

    Looking forward to any feedback and suggestions, help and so on. So glad to meet you all.


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    adult with noisy 'habit?'


    Welcome to the TSFC forum! I am glad you found us.

    You should run your concerns by your Doctor to confirm a diagnosis. It is never to late.
    Not having a clear diagnosis over the years is not uncommon especially since the awareness of TS just did not seem to exist years ago.

    It is also not uncommon for children to have been thought to have allergy problems without proper scratch tests for some of the vocal tics TS can bring on. My own son went through this process too and he is going on 13 and was not clearly diagnosed until this year.

    Tics can worsen under stress, anxiety or fatigue and what you are describing could possibly be vocal tics. I would recommend printing some information about TS and take it to your Doctor with a list of concerns and frequency of the "tics". Most of us have kept a journal for this reason to review with a physician and this will provided some answers for them to better direct you and know how to refer you too.

    You are not far from Toronto and they have an excellent facility several of our forum members have visited for help.

    I am not able to confirm or offer any direction on the snoring concern directly related to TS. Others that have TS may be able to offer you some personal background.
    I will say though, that we are close in age and my husband pests me over the same concern but mine is directly related to age/hormones.

    This is another reason it maybe a good thing to discuss your concerns with your Doctor. Snoring can be related to several medical conditions and should not be ignored as just a pest thing to deal with. Your good health comes first.
    You mentioned lung, heart and depression concerns in your family and this too is a very good reason to speak to a Doctor.

    A forum like this can offer support and wonderful place to "vent" and build relationships with others that have common concerns.

    I hope you post often and keep us informed of your findings and your answers unfold.

    Take care,


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      adult with noisy 'habit?'

      Thank you PJK for responding and the warm welcome.

      My Dad's lung problem was brought on by an abcess he had back in 1985, he was vacationing in Florida with my mother and grandmother when he started to not feel well and came home early. This was an extremely fast growing abscess, by the time the doctors figured out what was wrong with him (5 weeks) the abcess had grown to the size of a grapefruit. They had to remove part of his lung to remove this abcess since it was too large and too cumbersome to just drain...... they did a procedure called the 'Claggette Window' they removed 2 ribs in his back to remove this abcess and left it open to drain, because of his heart condition they couldn't risk operating again to close it up, so I packed this for him twice a day for the last 21 years, with the help of in Home Care and my Mom.

      I had neglected to mention another disorder in our family and that is congenital deafness, all 4 of us children were born with severe hearing loss, and we have never known the reason for this. We all are/were able to wear hearing aids and surprisingly we live completely in the hearing world (I don't even know sign language). However, my brother went to Belleville and then Milton deaf schools and my oldest sister went to Gallaudet College (now a University) in Washington D.C. (it's a college for the deaf).

      I looked at the thread by Uschi and did the quiz.... wow, it tells me I score well into the Aspie range...this may clarify my thought patterns eliminating my feelings of indifference, emotional shutdowns and feelings of not quite belonging.

      I know I'll get a lot of info from here.... I know my symptoms indicate a very mild form of TS and at my age unlikely to get worse, but the Asperger is something that completely fascinates me. I saw on the Dr. Phil show a couple of weeks ago about this but never made the connection until I read up on it here and did that quiz. Wow.... so much and so many questions.


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        adult with noisy 'habit?'


        Welcome to the Forum and feel free to join in any ongoing discussion.

        It's not unusual to bediagnosed with Tourette late in life as many of us have experienced; and if you suspect Tourette be sure to consult a physician you have pre qualified has a professional interest in Tourette.

        Because Tourette is diagnosed through observation and interview, and because the behaviours you refer to might be subtle, you want to be certain the person you consult can competently make a diagnosis.

        Your snoring sounds need to be investigated to rule out any respiratory disorders.

        Tourette tics do not usually manifest themselves during sleep, so you would want to investigate this further.

        Enjoy the Forum!
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          adult with noisy 'habit?'

          Hi Deb

          Welcome to our TSFC BB family where we share stories and vent with each other :D but more importantly are here all the time to offer support. I like many was not diagnosed with TS until later in life due to the fact that my behaviors were not severe enough that it negatively impacted my life. With knowledge of having TS, came tremendous insight into my childhood as well as the relationships I had and destroyed (unintentionally) over the years. It is never to late to get a diagnosis and even though Steve is right,

          Tourette tics do not usually manifest themselves during sleep, so you would want to investigate this further.
          there are some people who have experienced tics in their sleep. For ex. Tourette Tiger has posted incidents where he has kicked a hole in his bedroom wall while sleeping and I was amazed by that and thought it was rare for it to happen...until...I went to the most recent TSFC annual conference and took my two oldest boys (both with TS). My oldest has a major head tic. The three of us shared a hotel room and one night as he slept he sat up, did his full head tic routine and then put his head down and kept on sleeping.

          So when I read your story that you made this noise while sleeping, I was thinking that perhaps it might be a vocal tic. Regardless, this should all be shared with your doctors and the tests they will conduct will help rule out all other causes if it is indeed TS.

          Good luck and please continue to stay connected with us.

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            adult with noisy 'habit?'

            Welcome to our forum, Deb! I didn't see your post until today, because my husband and I just got back from a holiday yesterday.

            I am excited to see that maybe somebody who is much like me and is close to my age actually only lives a 45 minutes drive away from me! Maybe we could start our own support group (or just become friends?). That would be sooooooo awsome!

            German citizen, married to a Canadian for 28 years, four daughters, one son, eight grandchildren (and one on the way).