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  • Up in fort mcmurray

    Great to find this forum. My 8 yr old dd has had transient type tics since she was two. First was quite freaky - head jerking, blinking, and grimacing all at the same time - about every 5 minutes while she was focussed (Teletubbies on TV?) lasting about a week. Took her to the doc and he said it was from blackfly bites (the tics had stopped before we got in for the appointment - it was a bit of a challenge to describe what was happening lol). About a year later she had about 10 days of throat clearing - generally while she was eating. again they stopped before we got to the doc - he sent her for a neck xray(different doctor - I did explain about the previous tic experience). Other tics I've noticed are humming, and grimacing - generally only one at a time and lasting less than 2 weeks. Right now it's the throat clearing again, more prevalent than when she was three (4-5 times in a row about every 45 seconds)- accompanied by a facial grimace (she says it makes her mouth feel better). We're coming on to the third week and hoping for it to go as suddenly as it came. As there has always been more than three months between the tics I'm hoping it's transient tic disorder and that she'll grow out of it but it does seem to be progressing - she also was super sensitive to noise when she was little and would freak out b/c of the seams of her socks (not so much of a problem now).

    B/c she's in grade three now I decided to talk to her about tics (not Tourette's yet) in case her classmates are wondering why she won't stop clearing her throat. That's the part that really saddens me if this is tourette's- the potential for negative peer reaction. I know we can educate and inform but kids are still kids and I know she's going to have challenges in that regard.

    if anyone has seen a progression of transient tics like this drop me a line.

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    Up in fort mcmurray

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum! You would be our first member (that we know of) from Fort MacMurray!

    Really glad you found us. Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start as many as you would like.

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