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    Hi everyone! I am Linda, mother to four children (12,10.7,4) all of whom have TS. My youngest (4) lacks a vocal tic to match the criteria for TS. She has thus far followed the same pattern as her older siblings when it comes to her tics and associated behaviors. The older three children also have OCD and the oldest suffers from Sensory Integration Disorder as well.

    We choose to homeschool out children prior to their TS diagnosis. Homeschooling has worked well for us and our children have a number of friends and are happy with their day-to-day life.

    My biggest challenge is a constant yearning for PEACE AND QUIET! Some days the constant motion and noise of my children is enough to send me over the edge. I yearn to watch one half-hour television program without throat clearing, squeaks, coughs or sniffing. I wish to read a story to them without heads turning, arms flailing, joints cracking or fingers tapping.

    Our life is pretty happy, otherwise. I have a stong marital relationship, though my husband suffers from the guilt of being the genetic link to TS. The children seem pretty well adjusted and no one is getting more attention than another due to the TS being pretty evenly distributed. They are patient with each others tics (as much as siblings can be) and stick up for each other when circumstances require it. My proudest moments as a mother are related to my children coming to one anothers rescue in awkward social situations.

    It has been a pleasure to read the supportive posts on this site. I look forward to contributing support in the future.



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    Linda -- New Member


    Welcome to the TSFC forum!

    I think it is wonderful that you can home school all your children. The question of homeschooling is often raised on this forum and I am sure you can share some experiences and ideas for others considering the option.

    Don't worry about slowing down, as the children age it will happen. Our youngest is 12 and I can now watch 45 minutes of an hour show if I plan it right. :lol:

    The feelings your husband is experiencing are very common in parents of any child that has a genetically related disorder. You will find the word guilt in a number of posts on this forum.
    Rest assured though that it is not necessary.

    Your home sounds like it is full of so much love and patiences that you and your husband have so much to be proud of. You provide the best you can to your children and all of your time and efforts go to assuring a safe and loving home. That is all any parent can offer.

    I hope you can find time to visit often and share ideas and experiences that might help other parents.


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      Linda -- New Member

      Hello Linda and welcome to the TSFC Forum!

      We are glad you found us and hope you can find the information you need. Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion, or start one of your own.

      Your experience with homeschooling will be valuable to several recent queries on the subject.

      Looking forward to your continuing participation in the Forum, and if you require any help with navigating the Forum, please let me or one of the moderators know.

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        Linda -- New Member

        Welcome Linda

        I too have 4 children all boys (14, 8, 2 @ 5) two oldest diagnosed and the twin being followed... I suspect they will be because there are enough of the symptoms presenting as the months go by... I am the genetic link to the TS factor in our family. It is common for the contributing parent to feel guilty so let your husband know that it is not his fault, that it is out of his control so the guilt is a wasted emotion.. trust me I've been there. I have turned my energy into ensuring I know as much as possible about TS and am the bes advocate for my kids.

        I am really glad you found us. there are so many stories to read. If you relate to anything just post your thoughts and it will reactivate some topics. as PJK and Steve indicated, home-schooling comes up frequently so it's great to have you on here with the successes to share.

        Hope you stop by again

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          Linda -- New Member

          Welcome! Good to meet you. :D