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    Hi Rosie,

    Welcome to the TSFC forum. We are happy that you have joined us.

    I don't know if there is a link between Tourette Syndrome and Scoliosis. I don't think there have been any studies to prove or disprove a link.

    Possible, the pain from the scoliosis will cause stress to a person and that will increase ticcs or bring out new ticcs.

    My brother has scoliosis but now that he has reached middle age, he feels a decrease in pain and less discomfort in his back.

    We would love to hear about your experiences both good and bad. Steph

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    Tourette and scoliosis

    Hello Rosie, and welcome to the TSFC Forum. It will be interesting to explore the challenges of Tourette combined with scoliosis.

    Are you the one afflicted or is it someone in your family?

    Have you consulted any medical specialists who have provided any insights?

    Glad you found us and hope you will make the Forum a regular part of your online activities.
    TouretteLinks Forum


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      Tourette and scoliosis


      Belated welcome!

      Interesting question and Steph is right there are no documented clinical studies linking the two conditions.

      Scoliosis has been determined to transfer on a % basis when one parent does not have the condition by has a recessive gene. The gene is not related to neurological function so again it is not related to TS.

      If you have Scoliosis, mild or severe you have a 75% chance of passing it on to your daughter or 50% chance to your son. The % reduces each generation that passes without the condition unless you have a child with someone that has Scoliosis or recesive gene.

      I have mentioned the condition in past postings since I gave it to my daughter and my son with TS now shows signs of having a mild case.
      Neither appear to need corrective surgery in their future like I did.

      Another way Scoliosis has been considered to be transfered is by having closed end spinal bifida. It is a condition that if mild can be over looked at birth if no other symptoms show up. When I was child dealing with the condition, the UNC of Chapel Hill was doing a study relating the two conditions and I fit the profile.

      We have some great resources on this forum in connection to TS.

      Take care and I am glad you found us.


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        Tourette and scoliosis

        Hola Rosie! I don't know anyone else with Tourette's and Scoliosis either... but glad you're here!