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    Hey every1. This seems like a nice place....I've been feeling pretty lonly because of my tics....pretty new to it too. I had blinking tics when I was younger...dxed OCD @ 5 tics vanished with medication. Then I was dxed with ADD and put on Ritalin and tics jus exploded. I stopped taking it but am still ticing....and they don't know if it'll go away or if I have TS, but the tics are pretty embarressing im really self concoius and really scared my life will always be like this! I raise my eyebrows, blink roll my eyes and clear my throat sometimes jerk my neck to the side. My best friend just told me it was the most annoying thing she ever saw and makes fun of it but I just cant stop.. .I dont mean to sound like a complainer but im just really new to it and ppl are really noticing it b/c I just do it! Im jus now learning lil ways to make them look better or letting them out makes it better. When I get gets out of control its like i have these weird outbursts were I make sounds or like if Im laughing it changes volume. If someone raises there eyebrows I do it. I'm just trying to live with it I guess. I was so happy I found this place to see im soo not alone!!! So im alley jus introducing myself! Bye byez Take care

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    Hi Luvly 16,

    Welcome to the TSFC website and we are really happy that you joined us.

    There is lots of information on the main TSFC website that explains tics is something that you have very little or no control over and there are support groups available.

    I would suggest that you show your best friend the information so that she can understand Tourette Syndrome and how it affects your life.

    You don't sound like a complainer and remember we are here to listen to you and support you the best way we can.

    It is common for people with TS to copy other people's movements and remember stress or being really excited makes the tics occur more frequently or bring out more of them.

    You are not alone, there are many people with TS. Steph


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      Hi Alley :D

      Welcome to the TSFC Forum. You are not alone and we are here to share our experiences with Tourette.

      Glad you found us..feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start some of your own.
      TouretteLinks Forum


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        Hey, great to meet you!! I hope you'll keep posting here. I tic a lot too, but I've always done it so I guess I'm used to it and don't notice it as much.


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          Hello and a belated welcome!

          I hope you are able to spend some time in the Teen forum. You will find that others have the same feelings and concerns.

          I am glad you found us and hope you post often.
          This forum is a great support unit and is available 24/7.

          Take care,


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            'Hi Luvly16
            I'm new to this site too. I think you'll like it, at least it makes you realize you're not alone. You should show you're friend this site so she tries to understand what your going through and that it's not a joke. Her support would really help. You should probably check out the teen room, they'll understand more about what your going through with school and friends. I've been out of school a long time but I always had a good support group among my friends, even if they didn't understand why I made weird noises, jerked my head around and other odd things, no one made fun of me, I was pretty lucky in that respect. My parents on the other hand had and still have, no clue. Your best bet is to try and educate the people around you and that's the best we can do for now.

            Good Luck