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Heya from Montreal.

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  • Heya from Montreal.

    Well, first thing... I'm not a father of a child afflicted by TS.
    I've been living with it for 18 years, I guess I'm a pro at it now hehe.

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    Heya from Montreal.

    Oups, presses enter a bit too soon.

    So here it is.

    I'm 25 and been living with TS since I'm 7 years old. The tics are mostly motor (and mostly looking like a bad bad flu). Looking forward to find a treatment for it... this thing keeps me awake for days sometime.

    So.. that's about it hehe. I guess I'll have more inspiration soon!


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      Heya from Montreal.

      Hi Mathieu,

      Welcome to the TSFC forum, we are happy that you found us.

      There is a support group in Montreal for you to join.

      Tell us more about your motor tics and how they are like a bad flu.

      There are many discussions on the forum or you can start your own.

      Looking forward to your post. Steph


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        Heya from Montreal.

        Welcome Mathieu

        I am glad you discovered our forum. There are many, many people here who can share their stories and their experiences with various types of treatments. We even have a section that discusses several things people with TS have tried...check it out. Feel free to reply to anything posted that catches your attention. You may also want to contact the national office of the TSFC because there are materials available in French if that is your first language... the Family handbook is a great resource.

        Did you know that we held our annual TSFC conference in your city in October? You need to stay connected because you never know when we may be in a city near you again I hope you make this a regular place to stop and chat.

        TSFC Homepage


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          Heya from Montreal.

          Welcome to the TSFC forum!

          Please feel free to respond to other posts and even start your own topics. If you have a question that you are unable to find the answer for let us know. We will be glad to help.


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            Heya from Montreal.