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Why Join TSFC?

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  • Why Join TSFC?

    The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) is a national, federally registered, voluntary health organization.

    It's mission is to help individuals with Tourette Syndrome (TS) and their families by:
    • Gathering and distributing information;
    • Promoting local self-help and professional services;
    • Promoting research.

    Founded in 1976, the Foundation acts as a clearinghouse of information and resources. It distributes educational material to individuals, professionals and agencies in the fields of health care, education and government. It serves members throughout Canada, organizes workshops and symposia, provides periodic forums for scientists, clinicians and others working in the field of TS, and maintains an information and resource database. In addition, it supports 31 affiliates (chapters, resource units and contact representatives) as well as this online Forum.

    This growing network of dedicated volunteers provides direct services at the community level.

    The TSFC can be contacted at:

    Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
    5945 Airport Rd - Suite #195
    Mississauga, Ontario
    Canada L4V 1R9

    Telephone: (905) 673-2255
    Toll Free: 1 (800) 361-3120
    Fax: (905) 673-2638 or 1 (800) 387-0120



    Dues are vital to the continuation and expansion of the programs on Tourette Syndrome that focus on family support, public awareness and education. It is only through these programs that we can make the world, for those who have Tourette Syndrome, an easier place in which to live.

    The annual membership of $35 is processed by the national office and entitles you to be a national member as well as a member of our local Chapter. Membership fees are split between the Foundation and the chapters to enhance service at both levels of the organization. All information you provide is kept strictly confidential. The TSFC does not sell, rent or share any of its lists or information.

    Why Should I Join?

    Being a member of the TSFC connects you with people who understand the issues of living with TS. Family support is the main focus of the Chapter. As a member you will receive mailings from the national Foundation as well as from your local Chapter.

    Members also receive a discount on publications and conference fees, and have an opportunity for input on what matters to them.

    To request a membership form the national office at:
    (800) 361-3120

    join online by clicking here

    Full membership details

    TSFC membership is not required to participate in the TSFC online Forum.
    TouretteLinks Forum