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  • Thanks to TSFC!

    At the October 2011 National Conference of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, Dr. David Baxter (djbaxter) and I Steve Pally, were honored by the Foundation for the work we do in maintaining the Forum software and administering the TSFC Forum.

    Due to unavoidable commitments on both our parts, we were unable to attend the National Conference this year to receive the award plaques in person, so we received our respective plaques in time for the Christmas Season, which was a nice surprise.

    Speaking for myself, I am honored and pleased to serve the TSFC in this capacity, being a person who has lived with Tourette Syndrome for over half a century, with virtually no support nor awareness for most of that time.

    It was due to a public service announcement by the TSFC on the radio, by William Shatner (Captain Kirk) that suggested that I might have Tourette Syndrome.

    I followed up, learned more form the TSFC and after several years of investigation and some therapy I was able to come to terms with my disorder.

    From that time, in the early 1990's I tried to find ways to give back to the TSFC by providing information and support to those just being introduced to Tourette Syndrome.

    In 2003 I was invited to help establish the new TSFC Forum with a number of enthusiastic TSFC members including Janet and Cathy, our current and past Foundation Presidents.

    In 2005, I met Dr. David Baxter a clinical psychologist in practice in Ottawa who was interested in providing support, information and awareness online, on mental health issues. His online Forum, Psychlinks has succeeded in that mission by providing a safe and credible source of information along with peer to peer support. David invited me to help co-administer Psychlinks, which I have been doing since 2006.

    When the TSFC Forum needed additional technical support, Dr. Baxter organized a fundraising drive on Psychlinks to purchase the software license for the current vBulletin Forum software, to make the TSFC Forum a state of the art online venue.

    This past year, Dr. Baxter took over the so-called "back end" administration of the TSFC Forum using his technical skills to update software, design the Forum's appearance and manage the numerous security features so that Forum members can enjoy a safe and informative environment.

    My work has been mainly on the front end to help moderate posts with Tina, our TSFC head office colleague. I assist in training our moderators, check Forum activity on a daily basis and assist in processing registrations of new Forum members.

    Thanks to the TSFC, the President of the Foundation, Janet, Lynn the Executive Director, the staff at Head Office for their support in maintaining this valuable asset to the Foundation, and thanks to my friend and colleague, Dr. David Baxter for making the performance of the Forum possible.

    TouretteLinks Forum

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    Re: Thanks to TSFC!

    Just checking in quickly today but I wanted to express my appreciation for the awards presented to Steve and I this fall. Thank you to all involved and I hope we can all work together to make the TSFC Forum a thriving online support community for all individuals diagnosed with TS.

    Happy New Year to all of you!