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Brad Cohen Tourette Conference Atlanta February 2014

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  • Brad Cohen Tourette Conference Atlanta February 2014

    The Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation is hosting a conference in Atlanta on February 8, 2014.

    The theme is “Breaking Down the Barriers.” Speakers include Dr. James Leckman of the Yale Child Study Center, Dr. Douglas Woods of Texas A&M University, Brad Cohen (teacher and author of “Front of the Class”), Sheryl Pruitt of Parkaire Consultants, and Dr. Leslie Packer Ph.D..

    It’s a great opportunity to learn about TS and its educational and behavioral impact. More information about the conference is available at

    Click Here for a brochure for the event
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    Re: Tourette Conference Atlanta February 2014

    Just added to the program:

    1) Darin M. Bush - aka The Tourette Tiger

    2) What will you be speaking about during your session at the conference?:
    I will be speaking on the personal experience of Tourette's, as a panel member.

    3) What do you hope participants will gain from attending your session?:
    I hope participants will get an intimate and detailed look at how Tourette's affects the people who have it. I hope that this will increase their empathy, and also give them more tools to deal with people who have Tourette's. I also hope that anyone in the audience with Tourette's will feel a little more hopeful about their own situation, and feel like they are part of a very large group of people - instead of being alone or isolated.

    4) Share one resource that you have written or really believe in that can help participants as they deal with Tourette Syndrome day to day.:

    The below is from my bio. I literally wrote the book out of frustration, because I could not find a book like it. I'm proud of it because I believe it can fill in the gap between the brand new diagnosis, and the heavy (but important) tomes that can sometimes be overwhelming for novitiates to Tourette's.
    "In 2009, he published Tiger Trails: An Unconventional Introduction to Tourette’s Syndrome through Parkaire Press. Tiger Trails is an introduction to the vocabulary used with Tourette’s and everything that can go with it, especially OCD and ADHD. He describes this handbook, intended to be shared with family, friends, and co-workers, as “the words for the first 90 minutes of the TS conversation” after the diagnosis."

    5) From your experience, give those thinking about attending three reasons why you feel attending the Tourette Syndrome Conference in Atlanta will be beneficial.:

    a. Normalization - One of the most important goals of learning about your own Tourette's is to feel like you are not alone, not weird, not crazy. Come to the conference and fit in, and be part of a growing crowd of accepting and supportive people.

    b. Empathy - For those without Tourette's, you cannot possibly understand how we feel day to day by reading about us in books. You have to talk to us, sit at dinner with us, watch us work and struggle. The conference is an excellent was to see Touretters in person, and to see the diversity of our symptoms and our lives and the ways that we cope.

    c. Humor - The neurologists are beginning to prove what many of us already knew: laughter heals. Living well with Tourette's includes not taking it too seriously, and not taking ourselves too seriously. The conferences are filled with people enjoying each other's company, and that includes laughing together. At the conferences you will see and hear Touretters exchange anecdotes and jokes about Tourette's, as they find the humor in themselves and each other.


    Join us on February 8, 2014 in Atlanta, GA for the First Annual Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation Tourette Syndrome Conference as we will be “Breaking Down the Barriers” and educating teachers, parents, adults with TS, and all those who work with people who have Tourette Syndrome.

    SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Dr. James Leckman from Yale University, Dr. Doug Woods from Texas A&M University, Sheryl Pruitt from Parkaire Consultants, Dr. Leslie Packer, Brad Cohen and more.

    Visit 2014 Tourette Syndrome Conference” to learn more and sign up now!

    2014 Tourette Syndrome Conference”

    For More Information Please Visit:
    Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation | Home page
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      Re: Tourette Conference Atlanta February 2014

      Just completed making my reservations for Brad Cohen's conference..

      If you happen to be there, please look for me to say hello in person.
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        Re: Brad Cohen Tourette Conference Atlanta February 2014

        Brad Cohen's Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation Conference was an outstanding success and a most enjoyable experience for me.

        It's the first time I met Brad in person, having followed his story since the movie about his struggle and victory with Tourette first came out: Front of the Class (TV Movie 2008) - IMDb

        Brad is a dynamic person who energized the conference that included some of the greatest minds in Tourette research and treatment in North America.

        I made some new friends, learned more about our disorder and had the opportunity to meet in person some people I have admired for years but never had the chance to meet in person.

        At the top of that list was Dr. Leslie Packer PhD whose valuable knowledge we frequently quote on our Forum, from her websites Tourette Syndrome Plus and

        Leslie is also a participant on our Forum.

        I also had the pleasure of our own Tourettetiger, Darin Bush whose insightful presence we hope to see again soon on our Forum.

        We also had representation from a few Canadian members of the TSFC.

        The list of speakers was impressive which included highly acclaimed Yale University’s Dr. James Leckman, Texas A&M’s Dr. Doug Woods well known therapist Sheryl Pruitt.

        Congratulations Brad! Well done!
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