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Welcome Tourettes Action (U.K.) Forum Members

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  • Welcome Tourettes Action (U.K.) Forum Members

    Unfortunately the Tourettes Action Forum in the U.K has closed due to staffing challenges.

    I have had the honour of moderating the TA Forum the past three years, as well as our Tourette Canada Forum, and use this opportunity to welcome my friends from the TA Forum.

    Please explore the Tourette Canada Forum, and feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start some of your own.

    You are most welcome here, and we will try to provide you with the best possible information and support for any issues or concerns you might have with regards to living with Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders.

    Tourettes Action Homepage

    Warm Canadian regards,
    TouretteLinks Forum

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    Re: Welcome Tourettes Action (U.K.) Forum Members

    Steve, Thanks for the update and the warm welcome to our allies overseas.

    To our U.K friends,
    I'm saddened to hear that the plug has been pulled on the forum. To those that may have a desire to navigate to our forum I also extend a warm welcome. Maybe the merging of a few with the few left here might prevent the same thing from happening.

    This quote posted on the form page at the following link is sadly what we've been experiencing here on the TS Canada Forum.

    " In recent years, active participation of peer to peer support on forums has diminished, instead becoming more like blogs, where users seem to take a passive role in reading posts without offering input. This, together with the manpower needed to maintain the correct levels of moderation to keep the forum safe and effective, has prompted Tourettes Action to take this decision."

    Warmest regards,
    "If at first you don't succeed....
    CRY and CRY again!"