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Forum Rules


The Online Bulletin Board of "Tourette Canada" (hereafter known as the Tourette Canada Forum) is a place to exchange ideas, obtain help and talk about anything related to Tourette Syndrome, support for people with Tourette Syndrome and information about treatment options relating to Tourette Syndrome. These rules are provided for the purpose of making the Tourette Canada Forum a friendly and informative experience for all members of the forum.

Forum Membership

Membership in the Tourette Canada Forum is open to anyone with an interest in Tourette Syndrome, subject to meeting the requirements of the Registration Agreement and Tourette Canada Forum rules. There is no charge for membership or participation in the TSFC Forum. However, there are costs associated with operating the forum. Since we don't sell annoying ads that interfere with your enjoyment of the forum, we would suggest you become a member of Tourette Canada. Your membership will help support the activities of the Tourette Canada including the operation of this online Forum.

Forum Medical Message Policy

Posts that are anti-Psychiatry or anti-Traditional Medicine in nature are not permitted and will be removed (there are other forums where you can engage in such debates -- this is not one of them).

Posts that advise any member or people in general not to take medication prescribed by a licensed physician or not to follow other advice given by a licensed physician or other mental health professional are not permitted and will be removed (remember that only the individual's physician or primary therapist is likely to know the full medical or personal or family history of that individual).

Discussions about alternative therapies are tolerated, though the bias of the Tourette Canada Forum is toward traditional medical therapies supported by peer reviewed, published scientific research data as opposed to therapies based on anecdotal reports.

Acceptable Language

In general, we accept language that is commonly heard on network television evening news. Gratuitous obscenity and/or explicit or implicit descriptions of sex do not belong in this forum. Messages containing vulgar language or profanity are not allowed. Partially masking an unacceptable word with asterisks or other symbols does not make the word acceptable if it is still recognizable. Some latitude is allowed in discussions associated with coprolalia, but gratuitous and irrelevant profanity will not be tolerated.

Respect For Others

While disagreements will understandably arise, we ask that members try to correspond in a friendly and good-mannered fashion. Personal disparagement, libel, slander, and harassment are unacceptable. Please try to focus on the issues, not on your correspondent. Attack the message, not the messenger! Personal attacks on other members are not permitted, regardless of the perceived provocation. If you are offended by someone else's message, you may bring it to the attention of the forum staff in a private message; but please do not respond "in kind" to any perceived offense by another member.

Goals, Aims, and Intent

Our primary aim is to provide an online community where individuals can seek answers to questions or share their experiences in the interests of helping others, i.e., this forum is about sharing knowledge and experience, not criticizing others or engaging in personal attacks on others. The cardinal rule is, "Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself".

You can do this by:

* Trying to be helpful to others.
* Respecting the opinions of others even if their opinions differ from yours.
* Remembering that no question is trivial if you do not already know the answer, and no problem is trivial if you have not yet identified a solution.
* Being patient - if someone can help you or offer advice, s/he will. However, this may take time - this is an international forum where members may be living in widely divergent time zones. Forum members are not sitting at their computers 24 hours a day, so the information youíre looking may take a while to appear.
* Not arguing or making personal attacks: Healthy debate is encouraged; pointless argument is not!
* Remembering that the person you are responding to may be a young person.
* Remembering that the person you are responding to may not speak English as his or her first language.
* Remembering that some people with Tourette find spelling and grammar a stumbling block.

Spam and Self-Promotion

* Spam-like messages and multiple-postings of the same message will be deleted.
* Post your questions in a single forum, most relevant to the subject. (The moderators may move it later if there is a more appropriate category or thread elsewhere).
* Blatant self-promotion in the form of advertising your website or product or service will not be tolerated in any forum.
* Any action determined to be solely aimed at driving traffic to your website, will not be tolerated. If you would like to showcase another website, please be courteous and request permission to do so from the Forum Administrator.
* Do NOT use this forum as a means for spamming our members. Such actions shall be grounds for immediate loss of member privileges.
* Do not re-post messages if they aren't answered. Post a reply to your original posting to bring it to the top of the queue.

Member Names/Handles/Name Issues

You are not required to use your real name in this forum. However some members choose to use their real first and/or last names, either as their forum name or in the signature line of their messages. We have discovered that the forum is a friendlier place when you feel you're talking to a "real" person.

Forum Navigation

We have a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you find your way around the forum and explain the various features. You can access these at any time by clicking the FAQ button in the top navigation bar on any forum poge.

Additionally, you may post a question about forum usage or features in our Forum Usage and Tips Message Board.

Prohibited Content

The following types of message are NOT permitted in the forum:

* The use of obscene or otherwise offensive forum names, handles or nicknames.
* Impersonation of another user or a public figure, living or dead.
* Any form of direct or indirect personal attack on another forum member or any member of the Tourette Canada staff, Board of Directors or Tourette Canada Forum staff.
* Inappropriate familiarity (alluding to another person's private life or asking personal questions of a person whom the questioner doesn't know well).
* Requests for penpals by anyone including a child, the childís parent, or agent or anyone attempting to communicate with children for inappropriate contact outside the TSFC Forum public Forums.
* Attempts to communicate with a child using Tourette Canada forums or private messaging in order to make inappropriate contact outside the Tourette Canada Forum should be reported to Forum management for investigation. Attempts at inappropriate contact outside the TSFC Forum can result in expulsion from the Forum and a report issued to law enforcement.
* Messages that have the purpose of disrupting forum discussion. Such disruption can include one-liners, multiple postings of the same offensive message, and other forms of harassment.
* Duplicate messages across the forum. In other words, posting the same message in more than one of our message boards.
* Messages from other forums, copyrighted material without full credit to the authors and source, or privileged information may not be posted without the specific permission of the original author.
* Repetitive messages of the same theme which ignore the topic taking place in a discussion. In other words, posting the same, or nearly the same message theme over and over again when replying to members.
* Messages that are propaganda in nature and ignore a topic for the purpose of furthering a particular agenda of the person, a group or organization.
* Commercial advertisements, ads for information exchange (petitions, surveys, questionnaires), and soliciting for funds.
* Postings intended to re-direct Forum members to other forums groups or websites for the purpose of promoting those forums or websites will be removed. Websites associated with a userís profile intended to promote commercial interests will be deleted and the memberís registration might be subject to deletion from the Tourette Canada Forum.
* Requests for participants in a bona fide research study must be cleared with the Tourette Canada Forum Administrator. Requests for study participants that have been posted without permission will be removed.

General Guidelines On Posting Messages

Message Board
Post your message to the most appropriate message board. This places your message so the most interested and knowledgeable Forum members will be likely to see it. Posting a query about medications in the Tic Parade message board may result in the most informed members NOT seeing it. Messages posted in incorrect/inappropriate message boards may be moved by forum staff to assist in you getting the most people seeing your message as possible.

Message Subject
Give your message a clear and appropriate subject. Not everyone reads all the message boards. Some just browse, only reading messages if the title is interesting. If you're asking a question, you want to get others involved in answering you and an appropriate subject helps. Avoid topic headings such as: "Hi!", "Help!", or "Question" . Instead, use headings such as "Clonidine for Tourette" or "How to Get A Teacher to Learn about Tourette ".

Message Content
Be specific in what questions you ask in your messages. Please don't "shotgun" broad, general questions. Ask direct questions about what you want answers to. That way, more members will be likely to respond and with more informative answers to your questions.

Replying to a topic
The nature of our forum software is such that, when you post a reply, you're actually replying to the topic, not to an individual. If your reply is intended for a specific member, please be sure to include the member's name or screen name in your message. Alternatively, use the "Quote" feature to quote a small part of the message replied to.

Grammar And Spelling
We do not attempt to enforce any rules of grammar and spelling. However, please try to compose your message carefully so that it will be easily understood. Consider installing a spellchecker software for use with your browser. More information in the Forum Usage and Tips Message Board.

All Caps / No Caps
Please do not use all capital letters (or upper case) when typing your message. It is certainly easier to type with the CAPS LOCK on, but online it's considered somewhat rude and is perceived as the equivalent of shouting. It also makes your messages difficult to read, especially for the visually challenged who use software to read the messages to them. Sentences with no caps or punctuation are also difficult to read.

Quoting In Replies
The forum software allows you to easily quote from a message that you're replying to. This can help clarify what it is that you're replying to or commenting on. However, please avoid quoting an entire message in your reply since this can be annoying for others following the discussion and adds unnecessarily to the downloading time of messages.

Use quotes from other postings for clarity. Only quote the specific statement or short segment that you are responding to. People following the discussion can read the previous message, or can refer back to it if they need more information.

Personal (Private) Messages
Personal (private) messages are enabled in the Tourette Canada Forum and should be used for private discussions between two parties. However, the Personal Message feature is not intended to replace posting in open forum for the bulk of your discussion. Private messaging will be disabled on your account if it is used inappropriately.

Prohibted Sites in Post Content
References to the following are strictly prohibited in Forum postings, in User
Personal Profiles including Website References, Email address, or Signatures:

* Pornographic or sex oriented sites
* "Adult Toy" sites
* Gambling Sites
* Discount Prescriptions Sites
* Sites that promote the manufacture, sale, possession, or use of illegal drugs, in any way.
* Sites containing excessive or unadulterated swearing or profane language.
* Sites dealing with any activities or subjects that are otherwise illegal. **
* Or any other site Tourette Canada deems to be unacceptable. (If in doubt, ask first.)

** Illegal is defined here at this Forum as any law known, or proven to exist, in any
country, that is found reasonably applicable to the members and operations of this forum as a whole

Periodic Reviews or Updates of Forum Rules

Thanks for taking the time to read and comply with these Tourette Canada Forum Rules. They will be reviewed periodically and updated as deemed necessary by the Tourette Canada Forum management for the smooth operation of the forum.

Acknowledgments: Tom Jones, David Baxter

General Disclaimer

By participating in the Tourette Canada Forum, you agree to indemnify Tourette Canada , its Forum Administrators or Moderators for any damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, that accrue to the Tourette Canada Forum Administrator or Moderators as a result of or arising out of your activities on the Forum including, but not limited to, any claims for violation of any copyright, trademark, or protected material, or any claim of defamation, slander, libel, disparagement or the like.

Limitation Of Liability
You join and participate in the TSFC Forum at your own risk. The Tourette Canada Forum Administrator and Moderators shall not be liable for damages or losses which result from your use of, or participation in, the Tourette Canada Forum.

Validity And Accuracy Of Tourette Canada Forum Content
All information and advice provided by Tourette Canada Forum members, staff and other contributors is solely the opinion of the respective author. The Tourette Canada Forum does not verify the validity, technical or otherwise, of such contributions and the reader is advised to obtain help from a qualified health professional before accepting any diagnosis or recommendation for treatment. The Tourette Canada Forum Owners/Administrators and forum staff cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages or injuries arising from the use of any of the material posted here as a basis for treatment or diagnosis of their condition. Tourette Canada Forum members should seek the advice of respective medical or health professionals before making any decisions based on the medical or health advice or opinions of forum contributors.

Choice Of Law
By participating in this Forum, you agree that any disputes between you and the TSFC Forum Administrator or Moderators will be governed by the laws of Ontario and or Canada for all disputes arising out of, or related to, your membership or participation in the TSFC Forum.

No Warranties
The Forum Owner/Administrator makes no warranty, expressed or implied, that access to the TSFC Forum will be available at any particular time; that operation of the forum will be uninterrupted or error-free; or that any particular result or information will be obtained. Membership in the TSFC Forum is offered on an "as-is" basis without warranties of any kind, other than warranties which are incapable of exclusion, waiver, or restriction under applicable law.

Official Terms of Service and Disclaimer

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