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Thread: How's the first couple of weeks at school going?

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    Default How's the first couple of weeks at school going?

    I'm a parent of 2 children. One is 9 and has TS+.
    just wondering how school is going for everyone.
    Is anybody in the Southern Ontario region?

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    Default School


    I have one ds (turning 6 in October ) and although we do not yet have aformal diagnosis of TS I am confident that will be his diagnosis. He has struggled in school the past two years (JK & SK) although he had a lot of other issues to contend with (we adopted him at the age of 3.5) and we were able to put supports in place for him.
    I was worried about this school year because it was Grade 1 and his first try at staying at school all day. Then two weeks before school started the tics (we used to call them "quirks" or "mannerisms") just seemed to go out of control and were affecting his daily functioning. And as a mom, suddenly seeing your child "out of control" and feeling helpless is a very emotional event.
    However, for all my worrying he has been having a very successful start to his school year (Thanks in large part to the wonderful staff at his school).
    I live in South western Ontario

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    Default School

    Hi mom2,

    I find that my son always tics more before the start of school. Anxiety probably.
    Just when his tics are at their worst (waxing) and I am feeling very overwhelmed--the tics will start to subside (waning.)
    Of course, then we start the whole thing over again.
    My son is also PDD, so he deals with several other issues as well :roll:

    My other son (7) is starting to reveal tics and anxiety. Not sure I'm ready to go down this path again :?

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    Default Ts and returning to school

    Sept has always been a difficult my for our dd with TS, OCD and Sensory issues. The anxiety is the biggest contributor. Anxiety can certainly make the symptoms worse. If there is a component of OCD also, you may not know what disturbing thought are coming into your little darlings head (they cannot control the thoughts and may react to them with increased symptoms of tics or troubled behaviour). If your child with TS also has sensory issues, than part of the problem may be due to the weather and the fact that they have to wear more clothing and then they may be gettting into sensory-overload of their tactile system. Sweaters or coats, even carrying a backpack can add to their oversensitive tactile system because there is more "touch" to their body. Wearing long pants and sock and perhaps heavy shoes (as compared to what they were wearing all summer), and overload their brains and cause anxiety, which will make their TS flare up. There is the added noice of the classroom to combat their sensitive sensory processing that can be overwhelming also. So many factors that most of us just take for granted because our brain just filters out the extra stimulous - is you have TS with sensory problems, your brain has difficulty processing the information and filtering out the excess, causing symptoms to flare. They might be just more irritable, or extreme acting out in reaction and probably cannot even articulate what they are feeling.

    There is a great book called The Out of Sinc Child that can explain this all in greater detail. An easy read that really helped my husband and I identify with our dd sensory problems and TS.

    Hope this was helpful.
    Being different is special.

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